Details for Joint Notice of Sale


JOINT NOTICE OF SALE THE STATE OF TEXAS § COUNTY OF MCLENNAN § BY VIRTUE OF ORDERS OF SALE issued pursuant to judgment decrees of the District Court of McLennan County, Texas, by the Clerk of said Court on said date in the hereinafter numbered and styled causes, and to me directed and delivered as Constable of said Court, I have on the 9th day of October, 2020, seized, levied upon, and will on the 3rd day of November, 2020, at the Courthouse Steps, at 2:00 p.m. on said day, proceed to sell for cash to the highest bidder all of the right, title, and interest of the defendants in such suit in and to the following described real estate levied upon as the property of said defendants, as provided for by the TEXAS PROPERTY TAX CODE. All of the following properties being located in McLennan County, Texas and each property being more particularly described on an instrument recorded in the Volume and Page reference (V__/P__) or document number of the Deed Records, McLennan County, Texas. The approximate property addresses reflected herein are the addresses on the tax records and may or may not be completely accurate. CAUSE # STYLE PROP DESCRIPTION, ADDRESS, ACCT # MIN BID 2010-1163-3 Connally ISD v Steve Allgood Lot 20, Block 2, Watkins Addn (V1605/P127) 111 Birch St, Elm Mott #200401000026008 $39,959.50 2010-1359-4 Connally ISD v Willie Rhynes Lot 40, Block 11, Lincoln City Subd, Pt 2, S Burton Surv (#2001024813 OPR) Frostdale Dr #200316000167007 $12,129.40 2013-873-4 La Vega ISD v Unknown Shareholders of Consumers Lots 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7, Block 7, Central Villa Addn (V1325/P178) Main & Clifton #280084020065009 $11,550.00 2013-2155-5 Connally ISD v Charles Edward Johnson Lot 1, Block 6, Lincoln City Subd, Pt 1, S Burton Surv (V1214/P171) 442 Bunche Blvd #200316000056003 $28,790.00 2013-2405-4 Midway ISD v Mentha Manning Trustee 0.50 Acre tract, more or less, Sam M Hornbeack Surv (V1481/P893) Randy Dr #360438000017050 $12,000.00 2016-2885-4 City of Waco v Davis Metz Lot 1, Block 1, Golding Addn (#2005020072 OPR) 500 South 26th St #480200080001001 $9,445.41 2017-3054-4 City of Waco v Eugenie Marilyn Stephen Lots 2 & 3, Block I, Castle Heights Addn (#2014023818 OPR) 3810 W Waco Dr #480080000130006 $114,947.55 Lot 25, Block 4, NH Conger Surv (#2005032011 OPR & V1524/P222) 1401 W Waco Dr #480100000073028 $8,112.23 2018-2094-5 City of Lacy-Lakeview v Shane Howard Lots 10, 11 & 12, Block 1, Lakeview Heights Addn (#2015031673 OPR) 133 & 129 N. Lacy Dr #200311000005004 & #200311000006000 $5,820.61 Lots 28 & 29, Block 1, Lakeview Heights Addn (#2015031673 OPR) 210-212 Stanfield Dr #200311000017001 $2,376.14 2018-2226-5 McGregor ISD v Willie Lee Rogers Lot 22, Block 4, Joe W Hale Addn (V994/P615) Rogers St, McGregor #341120000052006 $3,985.43 2018-2277-5 City of Waco v Frank Joseph Alvarado Lots B9 & B, Block O, West End Addn (V1720/P341) 2025 Gorman Ave #480096000178001 $9,820.00 2018-3840-3 City of Waco v Reginald J Sharkey Lot 7, Block 9, J Weisman & Company (V499/P404) 1114 Kellum St #480434000166004 $4,400.00 2019-1199-5 Connally ISD v Thomas G LoganLot A5, Block C, OT Elm Mott (V1825/P709) 209 W Main St #200371000040009 $8,835.00 2019-1232-5 La Vega ISD v Evan January Lot 16, Block 1, Alamo Gardens Addn (V665/P128) 4019 Harrison St #280005000017006 $8,740.00 0.23 Acre tract, more or less, Tomas de La Vega Grant (V734/P139 & 1054/P709) Harrison St #280570000354000 $3,193.46 2019-1351-5 City of Waco v Steven J Wallace Lot 14, Block H, So Overlook Addn (V1321/P855 & #2002024424 OPR) 4216 Fort Ave #480382000105008 $16,019.99 2019-2047-3 City of Waco v Betty Anderson Lot 1, Block 7 Hirsch Heights Addn, Annex No 3 (#2001030103 OPR) 526 N 38th St #480231000053009 $11,803.41 2019-2307-5 City of McGregor v Audra Shera Wilson Lot 3, Block 2, Grantham-Meador Addn (#2014015612 OPR) 1204 W 3A St, Mc Gregor #341090000006009 $20,898.14 2019-3059-5 City of McGregor v Oma Linder Lots 7 & 8, Block 1, JS Waggoner Addn (V42/P558) S Adams St, McGregor #341400000005003 $6,375.49 2019-3753-5 McGregor ISD v Elizabeth Sherrod Lot 10, Block 1, McGinley Addn (V1271/P132) 213 David Davis Dr, Mc Gregor #341310000009000 $7,717.78 RESALES THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES HELD IN TRUST BY THE TAXING UNITS LISTED BELOW ARE OFFERED FOR SALE PURSUANT TO § 34.05 OF THE TEXAS PROPERTY TAX CODE: 2013-1088-4 Midway ISD v Richard O. Garcia Lot 6, Block 8, Oakdale Addn (V1147/P495) White Oak Dr #362500000065001 (Bid in Trust 9/1/2020) $1,000.00 2014-3749-3 Hallsburg ISD v Hollis Randall Cook 1.00 Acre, more or less, Tomas De La Vega Grant, Tract 9C, Hallsburg (V1752/P117) 396 Pavelka Dr #260043000130030 (Bid in Trust 9/1/2020) $5,000.00 2018-2289-4 Connally ISD v Cory Ann Wilkerson Lot D, Block 1, Craven Heights Addn (V658/P271) Old Dallas Road Off, Lacy Lakeview, #200236000008013 (Bid in Trust 7/7/2020) $5,000.00 This sale will be conducted to satisfy the judgment(s) for delinquent property taxes and accrued penalties and interests due on the properties described herein, and for all costs of court and sale. I do hereby verify that true and correct copies of the foregoing Joint Notice of Sale have been delivered by United States Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, and by regular mail, to each of the Defendants named in each of the numbered and styled causes. DATED the 9th day of October, 2020, at Waco, Texas WALT STRICKLAND Constable, McLennan County, Texas By: APRIL LINGO, Deputy Constable You may contact the attorney for the taxing units at (254) 756-7755.


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