Details for Notice of Constables Sale Prct. 1 - David Noguez


NOTICE OF CONSTABLE'S SALE THE STATE OF TEXAS, COUNTY OF McLENNAN NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That by virtue of a certain Order of Sale issued out of the Honorable 170th District Judicial Court of McLennan County, 19th day of July 2021, by District Clerk of said Court for the sum of $42,692.77, plus penalties and interest at a rate of 16% that has accrued from January 23, 2020 and costs of suit, under an Order of Sale, in favor of Ovation Services, LLC, and Intervenors, McLennan County, et al on behalf of itself and all entities it collects for in a certain cause in said Court, No. 2019-2500-4 and styled Ovation Services, LLC vs. Evelyn Charlene Davis and Donald W. Davis, placed in my hands for service, I, Walt Strickland as Constable of Precinct 1, McLennan County, Texas, did, on the 21th day of July 2021, levy upon certain Real Estate, situated in McLennan County, Texas, described as follows, to wit: Tax Account # 160546000009008, LOT B-6, BLOCK "B", WEST SIDE EXTENDION, MCLENNAN COUNTY, TEXS, ACCORDING TO MAP OR PLAT THEREOF RECORDED IN THE OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORDS, MCLENNAN COUNTY, TEXAS; AS FURTHER DESCRIBED IN DEED RECORDED IN VOL. 218, PAGE 162, MCLENNAN COUNTY OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORDS and levied upon as the property of Evelyn Charlene Davis and Donald W. Davis and that on the first Tuesday in October 2021, the same being the 5th day of said month, at the Court House door, of McLennan County, in the City of Waco Texas, between the hours of 10 a. m. and 4 p. m., at approximately 1:30 p.m. by virtue of said levy and said Order of Sale, I will offer for sale and sell at public venue, for cash, to the highest bidder, all the right, title, and interest of the said Evelyn Charlene Davis and Donald W. Davis in and to said property. And in compliance with law, I give this notice by publication, in the English language, once a week for three consecutive weeks immediately preceding said day of sale, in the Waco Tribune-Herald, a newspaper published in McLennan County. Witness my hand, this 10 day of September 2021. Walt Strickland Constable Pct. 1, McLennan County, Texas. By: April Lingo, Lt. *ALL SALES CASH* *SALE WILL BE CONDUCTED AT 1:30 P.M.*


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