Details for Notice of Sale - April 23


Notice Of Sale Pursuant to Chapter 59 Texas Property Code, Store Space will hold a Public Sale of Property to satisfy landlords lien on Friday the 23rd day of April, 2021 at 10:00 AM. Property will be sold to highest bidder for cash. Property must be removed within 72 hours. Seller reserves the right to reject any bid and withdraw property from a sale. Bidding takes place on Said property is Store Space Waco, 1620 LaSalle Ave, Waco, TX, 76706 Bradford, McArthur 2227 Flat Screen TV, Kids Toys, Dining chairs, Schavey, John 2603 Dryer, Twin box spring and frame, Boyd, Riccarda 3611 Flat screen TV, Office desk, Wang, Yudi 2143 Assorted boxes, Luggage, Manriquez, Ruby 2169 Furniture, Assorted Clothing Totes, Dog Crate, Perkins, Josharon 2241 Assorted Furniture, Cat carrier, Wilson, Anton 3614 Assorted Totes and Boxes, Clothing, Furniture, Adeyemi, Abayomi 3618 Assorted Totes, Household items, Assorted boxes, Hernandez, Claudia 2017 Assorted Clothing, Bentura, Esther 3018 Assorted furniture, Assorted boxes, Kids items, Kareem Lajames 3006 Assorted Furniture, Mattresses, Kids items


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