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The well-dressed home... ... and garden Get ready for your Fall Landscaping and Fall Bird Feeding by visiting the businesses below! Get More Birds for Your Buck Only 27% 100% Seeds birds will eat 73% Filler Seeds eat Seeds birds will ea such as milo, wheat and other grains Birds kick filler seeds to the ground to get to the good stufff. Brand X Bird Seed Mix* *Actual analysis of a birdd seed mix commonly sold in major chain stores. Seed Blend 1507 Wooded Acres Dr., Waco, Texas 76710 • (254) 741-9630 Beautiful Landscaping Done Right! WESTVIEW NURSERY & LANDSCAPING has plants of almost every variety imaginable. We carry quality products from different types of grasses, fruit trees and indoor tropical shrubs to boulders, insecticides and a full line of natural products. If you don’t see it in our nursery, we’ll order it for you. You can either pick it up at our store or we’ll deliver and plant it for you! We pride ourselves on our great customer service, where upon arrival you’ll be greeted at the door with a smile. Happiness is when you grow our plants in your garden or when we help turn your landscape into an oasis that you’ll never want to leave. 2020 Thank you for voting us #1 in Customer Service ∙ Nursery ∙ Sprinkler Systems Check out these businesses on Facebook!

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