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Even now, timing is everything in treating a heart attack
The emergency room is still the right place for immediate care for heart attacks,
with precautions in place for your safety
Heather Imel woke one morning to tightness
in her chest and numbness in her arm. She didn’t
ignore the pain. Instead, she went to the emergency
room at an Ascension hospital.
Her emergency room care teams immediately
ran a series of tests that revealed she’d had a minor
heart attack.
“I was scared to death,” recalled Heather, “but
my doctors reassured me that it was going to
be OK.”
A minimally invasive heart catheterization
revealed she had four blockages and would need
open-heart surgery.
“Once you recognize the symptoms of a heart
attack, taking immediate action is the most
important thing you can do to prevent permanent
damage to your heart,” said Rodney A. Brown,
MD, cardiologist at Ascension Providence.
“Patients can trust that our emergency rooms are
prepared to deliver urgent heart care with full
safety precautions in place.”
Don’t delay emergency care
for heart attack symptoms
“Our research shows some patients are delaying
or even avoiding trips to the ER, even when they
have heart attack symptoms,” said Brian Becker,
MD, Chief Medical Officer, Ascension Providence.
“Not getting the urgent heart care they need can
have a serious and lasting impact on their health. If
you have these symptoms, don’t wait – not even a
few minutes.”
During a heart attack, timing is critical. Every
minute that goes by can lead to lost heart muscle
and potentially permanent damage. The faster
that the flow of blood can be restored to a blocked
artery, the better the outcome for patients.
The ER at Ascension Providence hospital is
open 24/7, with labs and imaging services on-site.

Ascension Providence is an American College of
Cardiology Platinum Performance Achievement
Award-winning hospital. That means its
Emergency care teams are able to connect
patients to experienced cardiologists, vascular
specialists and heart surgeons, who provide
personalized follow-up care for heart conditions.
This includes vascular specialists trained in the
latest heart care testing, treatment and procedures;
and cardiac rehabilitation.
Know the symptoms of a heart attack
People who recognize the warning signs of a
heart attack – whether in themselves, friends or
loved ones – shouldn’t wait to get emergency
care. And it’s important to realize that women
may experience heart attacks differently than men.
Watch for these symptoms and talk about them
with loved ones:
• Chest pain or discomfort.
• Discomfort or pain in arm or shoulder.
These symptoms may also be present frequently
in men but are more common in women:
• Lightheadedness, nausea or vomiting.
• Jaw, neck or back pain.
• Shortness of breath.
Taking strong precautions
to protect patients and caregivers
Visits to medical facilities decreased when the
coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began because
many people have been concerned about exposure
to the virus. But we are fully prepared for your
safety in our care. And seeking ER care quickly for
serious conditions like heart attacks can help save
lives and improve recovery.
Ascension Providence has implemented strict
precautions throughout the hospital, emergency

room and clinics, for the safety of patients
and caregivers.
Precautions include:
• Maintaining proper social distancing in
waiting rooms.
• Designating separate emergency triage
and care areas for patients with symptoms
of COVID-19.
• Continuing to wear appropriate personal
protective equipment (PPE).
• Screening patients, visitors, doctors, nurses
and care teams before they enter the facility.
• Extensively cleaning and disinfecting all
areas more often.
Compassionate, personalized care –
even when the need is urgent
Heather’s heart health improved considerably
following her surgery and rehabilitation.
Her family is thankful for the immediate,
comprehensive and compassionate care she
received from the moment she arrived at the ER to
her follow-up appointments.
“They really care. They want to make things
better,” she said. “They want to make sure you’re
given 100 percent of their care.”

If you or a loved one is experiencing
heart attack symptoms such as pain or
discomfort in the chest or arm, call 911 or
go to the nearest emergency room. Find
the Ascension Providence Hospital ER at

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