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SENIOR Living! Good Nutrition Matters It’s important to watch what you eat and to maintain a healthy diet. This can be very crucial as you age because poor nutrition can have a great impact on your everyday health and life. The National Council on aging shares advice and tips on a healthy life and healthy nutrition. Importance of Nutrition The National Council on Aging says poor nutrition increases your risk for serious health problems. When you are sick, your body needs extra nutrition to heal. If you don’t eat right, your body will have to get the nutrition from somewhere breaking down nutrients in your muscles to use as fuel. The NCOA says malnutrition effects your body by: • Making it harder to recover from surgery and illness. • Make it more difficult to heal wounds. • Increase risk for infection and risks for falls. • Decrease strength needed to take care of yourself. Read the Warning Signs You won’t feel the effects of poor nutrition overnight. Sometimes, it will take a while to see that you are getting the proper nutrients your body needs. As you get older, the signs may become more troubling for you than in a younger adult or child. Talk to your health care provider if you show any of the warning signs provided by NCOA. • Eating poorly. • If chewing and swallowing becomes difficult. • Taking multiple medicines to feel normal. • Unplanned weight loss Steps to Good Nutrition The first step to a healthy diet is to know what nutrients to look for. NCOA says your plate should like a rainbow. Bright, colored foods are the best choice. Your plates should include all of the following: • Lean protein (lean meats, seafood, eggs and beans). • Fruits and Vegetables (orange, red, green and purple). • Whole grains ( brown rice, whole wheat pasta). • Low-fat dairy (milk and its alternatives). Choose foods that are high in fiber and low in sodium or salt. Vitamins such as vitamin D are important as you age. Making sure you eat the right items will help you lead a safe and healthy lifestyle and can prolong the effects of aging. Golden Trails Apartments 314 Melodie Dr., West, Texas 76691 1st Month Rent Free Now Leasing! Now Taking Applications 1 & 2 Bedroom apartments. Must be 55 years of age or older. Handicapped units available. Appliances provided. Flooring, Central Air and Heating, Washer & Dryer Connections. Community Room and Business Office. Contact Manager/Administradora: Rosa Peitz Telephone/Telefono: 254-826-2077 ext 1 • Relay/Rele #711 This is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Esta instituction es un proveedor y empleador de igualdad de oportinidades. Furniture Center “For Quality y Inside and Out” Now Carrying 7405 Woodway Dr. (254) 776-0144 Memory Care at The Delaney at Lake Waco. For individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, Heartfelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program® promotes physical and emotional well-being, supports daily functioning and maintains a sense of satisfaction, dignity and quality of life. Best of all, it gives back the control you lost when your loved one was diagnosed with memory loss. You can get back to being who your loved one wants you to be: a daughter, a son, a grandchild or a spouse again. Available only at The Delaney at Lake Waco. Call (254) 224-5521 to ask about it today! Significant Savings Ava ilable Call Today! . 2121 W. Highway 6 | Waco, TX 76710 AL Facility ID# 106928 to advertise in Senior Living, please call 757-5858

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