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Living! Senior Car Care Chilly weather requires extra precautions to make sure your car is running well. Cold weather can affect your car if it is not cared for properly year round. Making sure your car is ready to face the elements can help prevent situations where you could end up stranded in the cold. What to check Check essential components of your vehicle before cold weather hits. One of the first items to check is the battery in the vehicle. Check for any signs of corrosion or damage. If you are unsure how to check your battery, take the vehicle to your local parts store and they can check the charge and status of the battery for free or a small fee. The next and second most important item to check is the tires of the vehicle. Check for the tread, inflation and condition of the tires. It’s important to rotate your tires so that your tires wear evenly. Cold air causes tires to lose air so tire pressure is very important to keep an eye on as the weather starts to get colder. Emergency Car Kit Make sure you or the senior in your life stays warm when the unexpected happens by preparing an emergency car kit. In case the battery dies, a tire blows out while on the road or any other kind of emergency happens, it’s important to stay warm and safe while waiting for help. Keep a warm blanket in the car to help keep warm. Other items included should be a few pairs of gloves, an ice scraper, first aid kit, jumper cables, rain boots and a flashlight. It would be a good idea to also pack an extra pair of dry clothes. Furniture Center Heat Check “For Qualityy Inside and Out” Now Carrying Cold weather can be harsh, so it’s important you keep your senior warm this fall and winter by making sure all parts of the vehicle’s heating system are working properly, including the defroster. If you are unsure of how to check the heat, take it to your local auto repair shop to be checked. 7405 Woodway Dr. (254) 776-0144 Independ endent Living | Assisted Living | Memory y Care C (254) 224-5521 | 2121 W. Highway 6 | Waco, TX 76710 AL Facility ID# 106928 to advertise in Senior Living, please call 757-5858

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