Details for MIRACLE EAR


EXPERIENCING DIFFICULTIES? SUCH AS... • Hearing but not understanding certain words • Difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments like restaurants • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves • Having to turn the TV up loud in order to understand what is being said THERE IS NO CHARGE OR OBLIGATION FOR THESE SERVICES! Video Otoscope Inspections will be held for a limited time only. SCHEDULE YOURS TODAY! 2 for 995 $ * Receive 2 Miracle-EarMINI hearing aids, one of our smallest, custom digital hearing aids TM FREE Hearing Evaluation *Fits 30 db loss. Not valid with any other discount or offer. Does not apply to prior purchases. Offer valid on the Miracle-EarMINITM level 1 only. Offer expires 1/22/2021. Introducing Miracle-EarENERGY iRIC R TM For the first time ever a hearing aid that looks as good as it performs. Miracle-EarENERGYTM makes charging your hearing aids easier and more convenient than ever. The charging case is small, modern and portable so you never have to worry about batteries or losing power again! And it couldn’t be easier to use, simply drop the hearing aids in the case and take it with you wherever you go! The easy-to-use charging case provides: • Intuitive LED indicators • Three full days of on-the-go charging • 30 minute “quick-charge” for five additional hours of power • Just three hours of charging provides up to 19 hours of continuous use We Accept Insurance Plans! Locally Owned & Operated Call TODAY to schedule a FREE hearing test and RISK FREE trial. Makenzie Mills Wendy Phillips Hearing Instrument Specialist Hearing Instrument Specialist Miracle-Ear ® Ridgewood Village Shopping Center 2026 N Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX 76710 • (254) 251-3005 PROMO CODE: 120TK012AE

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