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HUMANE SOCIETY OF CENTRAL TEXAS 2032 Circle Rd - 754-1454 Save a Life, Adopt or Foster Today! Waylon (A087416), American Shelter Dog Mix, 3 yrs., larger size. Strong, confident, charisma, enthusiasm, on the go, that and so much describes Waylon. He promises that with him in your life, there will be no boring minute, you will never be alone, and he will be by your side always. Clarice (A048742), American Shelter Dog Mix, 8 yrs., large size. Clarice is one half of the "Golden Girls", a real lady, sweet and lovable, engaging and well behaved but never boring. She is fully bonded with the 'other half', Gloria, and by herself she is great, together with Gloria she is near perfect. Gloria (A094176), American Shelter Dog Mix, 6 yrs., large size. Gloria is the other half of the "Golden Girls" team, vivacious, outgoing, goofy, fun, but well mannered as well. She perfectly compliments her best friend Clarice, and both are ready to bring happiness to a forever family right now. Raylyn (A094462), Shepherd/ Catahoula Mix, 2 yrs, large size. Beautiful, smart, affectionate, full of fun and with a sunny disposition. This and much more describes Raylyn, who can't wait to accompany you on your life's adventures, offering love, kisses and companionship along the way. Dennis (A093518), American Shelter Dog Mix, 7 yrs, large size. Dennis is an incredibly special boy, looking for a very special home. This sweet, lovable guy is the proverbial couch-potato, who also enjoys short walks. Easy going, he is the perfect companion for a more laid-back household. .


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