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Police: Fake federal officer jailed after bogus 'arrest'

Police: Fake federal officer jailed after bogus 'arrest'

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Ulises Jesus Sanchez, 25, of Waco, was arrested late Saturday on charges of impersonating a public servant and burglary of a motor vehicle after an incident at Ranchito No. 5, 2310 W. Waco Drive.

It was Sanchez’s second arrest in three years for the same charge, as he was accused three years ago of impersonating a Beverly Hills Police Department officer. Records show Sanchez has never held a peace officer’s license.

On Saturday, Waco police responded to a report that Sanchez had placed a 53-year-old man in handcuffs outside the restaurant and told him he was under arrest, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said. A friend of the victim called the man’s wife and later Waco police.

“We discovered the male victim was handcuffed with his hands behind his back,” Swanton said. “The male complainant stated that his father had been arrested by another male who was at the bar with his father earlier in the day (and) he was claiming to be a federal agent.”

Sanchez said he was a federal officer, placed the man in handcuffs and put him in the back of his truck that had red and blue lights, similar to emergency lights, Swanton said. Sanchez also took the man’s keys and personal items from the man during the attempted arrest.

“Officers un-cuffed our victim and asked what happened,” Swanton said. “He said he was at the Ranchito restaurant bar having drinks when he met (Sanchez). They were having drinks, enjoying company, having a good time when our victim went outside to his pickup (truck) to leave when he was followed by the man who was drinking with him.”

Family members questioned Sanchez, leading him to show them a badge when the man was placed in the back of Sanchez’s truck. Family members removed the man from the back of the truck and called police.

Sanchez allegedly left the man handcuffed and fled the parking lot before police arrived, Swanton said.

“Obviously these people knew something wasn’t right,” Swanton said. “Our suspect had no real appearance of being a police officer other than having a badge and saying he was.

“Typically if it is a law enforcement officer taking action, there will be more than one officer, but I would never recommend a citizen to take a person out of a police car.”

Officers later found Sanchez inside his home, reportedly intoxicated and asleep, Swanton said.

In July 2016, Sanchez was arrested by Crawford police for portraying himself as a Beverly Hills police officer. Sanchez expressed interest to a Crawford PD officer during an encounter at Tonkawa Falls in joining the department as a reserve officer. Police said at the time Sanchez had handcuffs and a police officer’s vest, but he was never armed with a service weapon.

It was unclear Tuesday if Sanchez was ever convicted on the Crawford charges.

Sanchez remained in custody Tuesday with a bond of $12,000 and an immigration hold.

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