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Women allege sexual misconduct by Falls County sheriff

Women allege sexual misconduct by Falls County sheriff


Two former Falls County Sheriff’s Office employees claim in separate complaints that they were forced to leave their jobs because of improper and unwanted sexual contact and harassment by Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman.

One of the women, former dispatcher and jailer Shirley Lynn Boger, alleges in a Texas Workforce Commission complaint that Scaman called her into his office on more than 20 occasions and licked her face, groped her and sexually assaulted her.

Nanci Anderson, Scaman’s former assistant chief deputy, alleges in a federal lawsuit, filed April 5 in Waco’s U.S. District Court, that Scaman subjected her to gender discrimination, sexual harassment and created a hostile work environment that forced her to leave her job.

Scaman deferred comment Wednesday to his attorney, Robert Davis, of Tyler.

Davis denied the allegations and said the women’s stories are “completely fabricated” to get money.

“This claim, asserted by former county jailer and dispatcher Shirley Boger, is absolutely false,” Davis said. “Ms. Boger was terminated for walking off the job during her shift. The chief deputy terminated her while the sheriff was on vacation in Mexico. There is no dispute that she had an altercation with her supervisor, walked off her shift early, and she indicated that she did not plan on coming back. The chief deputy separated her from employment as a result.”

According to Boger’s workforce commission complaint, she started working as a part-time dispatcher and jailer in September. She started working full-time in those positions three months later. In November, Boger alleges Scaman called her to his office, closed the door and asked, “Have you been thinking about me?”

Boger said she was shocked. Scaman said, “I want you to touch me,” the complaint alleges. She claims Scaman grabbed her, pulled himself close to her, started kissing her and licking her face and groped her breasts and buttocks.

“I stood there in shock and could barely move,” Boger wrote in the complaint. “… I was mortified. I could barely breathe or move. When Sheriff Scaman was done using my body for his personal sexual gratification, he told me to straighten up my uniform and leave his office.”

The complaint is graphic in parts in its description of Boger’s allegations. Boger alleges that from the week of Nov. 27, 2017, to the week of Feb. 5, 2018, Scaman sexually assaulted her in his office on at least 20 other occasions.

“I was afraid that if I did not comply with the sheriff’s requests that he would reprimand me, or worse,” Boger said.

Davis said after Boger left work, she sent text messages to the sheriff complaining about her treatment in the jail. She made no reference to the alleged sexual misconduct by the sheriff, he said.

“It is obvious from her text messages that she had a good relationship with the sheriff and was comfortable in complaining about her supervisor to the sheriff,” Davis said. “These are not the type of text messages sent by someone who has been forcibly raped 20 times by the sheriff in his tiny office surrounded by other sheriff’s office personnel. There is no reference to any of the text messages about alleged sexual misconduct by the sheriff.”

The complaint alleges Scaman made statements alluding to the fact that he was the boss and could do what he wants and that no one would do anything to him because he is the sheriff.

“So, not only did I have to endure sexual assault and sexual degradation by Sheriff Scaman, he also hurled arrogant and insulting words at me that made me feel less than worthless,” Boger wrote in the complaint.

Boger said she told Scaman in February that she would no longer come to his office alone. After that, she alleges, Scaman made her work environment “intolerable.” She said she was “constructively discharged” March 8.

“I now know that Sheriff Scaman was never interested in my work, my law enforcement abilities or my commitment to Falls County,” according to the complaint. “He was only interested in using my body for his demented sexual gratification.”

Davis said he thinks it is important to note that Boger’s “story has changed significantly over time.”

“Her original TWC claim for unemployment benefits claimed that the sheriff raped her at his house on November 2017 in the guest bedroom while his wife was asleep. Her current version of events does not mention anything remotely like the original allegation,” Davis said.

Waco attorney Scott James, who represents Boger, said the Texas Workforce Commission has accepted Boger’s complaint and has opened an investigation.

Federal lawsuit

Anderson says in her federal lawsuit against Scaman and Falls County that she took pride and a sense of fulfillment in her law enforcement career “in a historically male dominated profession.” She started work Jan. 1, 2017.

“The position purportedly offered management experience and appeared to be an excellent opportunity to advance Mrs. Anderson’s career goals,” the suit states. “In hindsight, however, it seems that the real purpose of this position was to provide Scaman with near unlimited access and control over Mrs. Anderson in order to pursue his baser desires. … Harvey Weinsteins exist in every county of every state across America; even in Falls County, Texas.”

Davis said Scaman and his wife and Anderson and her husband became friends in 2015 while Scaman was running for sheriff. He said Anderson lived with the Scamans for a few weeks while she was in the process of moving to Falls County.

He said Scaman and Anderson joked around in text messages, and now it appears Anderson is “misusing” those text messages in her quest for money.

The suit alleges Scaman sent text messages directing Anderson to fix him up with prostitutes and other sexual partners. She alleges he called her “Princess” in front of other officers and would take pictures of her from surveillance cameras and send them to her, “demonstrating his control over Mrs. Anderson.”

Scaman also asked her to become sexually involved with him and asked her to send him naked photos of herself, the lawsuit claims. He also asked her to stay in the same hotel room with him on an overnight business trip, the suit alleges.

Anderson, who now works at the Waller Police Department, filed a complaint against Scaman in August 2017 with the Texas Workforce Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Both agencies investigated the complaints and sent Anderson “right to sue” letters earlier this year.

Davis said that while Anderson had experience with jail operations, she did not have experience in patrol or investigations. She often got upset and felt excluded when she was not included in law enforcement functions, Davis said.

“She was not excluded due to her sex, but instead, it was based on her lack of knowledge and experience,” Davis said. “As for the work environment, everyone who worked in the very small sheriff’s office corridor has stated that Ms. Anderson was not treated any differently than the other senior staff by Sheriff Scaman. We have obtained affidavits from several members of the sheriff’s staff, and the affidavits support the fact that Sheriff Scaman did not sexually harass Ms. Anderson at work.”

Anderson’s attorney, Edward Watt, of Dripping Springs, did not return a phone call Wednesday.

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