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Duke Machado: Strong economy, family values leading Latinos to Trump

Duke Machado: Strong economy, family values leading Latinos to Trump

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Polls don’t show it yet, but you better believe Hispanic engagement is on the rise. Come Election Day 2020, you will see it at the voting booth. I say this because of what I see happening in our country and online. And I track the trends.

We know Hispanics absorb the media and react to issues based on rhetoric from the Democratic Party and from Spanish media outlets such as Telemundo and Univision. Yet Hispanics are also aware of certain inconsistencies. One example: Democrats have been promising to fix the broken immigration system, giving citizenship to those now living here illegally.

Yet history has shown when Democrats had control of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House, they did nothing to solve this issue. Instead, they swept it under the rug and disrespected millions of Hispanics who put their faith in the Democratic Party.

Another example? The gun debate. On one hand, you have Democrats who say guns are the problem. The existence of the gun itself, they charge, is causing homicides in America.

Republicans say it’s not the gun but the person who is responsible for the misuse and deadly outcomes.

When one looks into this, it’s evident guns do not lift themselves up, aim and pull the trigger. All of these steps are caused by a human being with the intention to kill. This debate should not even exist. Yet because of powerful messaging of media, Democrats scare the public into thinking that weapons are the problem. People are misled. They gloss over the real cause of the problem, the individual, and instead undermine Second Amendment rights in the process.

Another example of media collaborating with Democrats to advance their agenda: constant bombardment and attacks on President Trump. Here we have a president who is accomplishing great things in our time, some historic. Yet the media are silent. Not a peep from them about the success of the Trump administration on all-time low Hispanic unemployment, tax reductions, foreign policy gains, stronger border security, enhanced prison reform, ending the Obamacare mandate and bringing factories back to the United States.

Yet you will find every negative accusation, hearsay, unverified impeachment charge in the book. More and more Hispanics can see through the charade, however. And we can rely on Democrats to ultimately drive Hispanics to the Republican Party with their horrid policies.

With the Democratic positions of today, including non-wavering support for third-trimester abortions, Christian Hispanics find it harder to stand with them. On the other hand, President Trump allows prayer in the White House and seeks guidance and prayer from Hispanic pastors and evangelicals, including Rev. Ramiro Peña, founder and senior pastor of Christ the King Baptist Church of Waco.

The media do not show the growing support for President Trump among voting Hispanics, but we know it’s increasing. You see more Hispanics wearing MAGA caps, more adorned in “Latinos for Trump” shirts. You see Hispanics making videos and posting them on social media, explaining why they left the Democratic Party.

Recently, President Trump invited Hispanic Republican leaders to the White House to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. He addressed the crowd of loyal Hispanic Trump supporters. Energy was high. Hispanics felt welcome and wanted.

“Hispanic Americans have been a big part of our national story from the very, very beginning of our country,” the president said. “You work hard. You raise your strong and beautiful families. You care for your neighbors. You start businesses, you create jobs and you teach your children to love our country and to cherish our God-given freedom. Right? Hispanic Americans enrich America in countless ways, and we will always honor this solemn commitment to you. I will always be with you, and I think you know that maybe better than anybody knows it.”

The Latinos for Trump Coalition, started by President Trump, is in full stride. The coalition is hosting events across our nation, unifying Hispanics via social media and growing the database of Hispanic supporters. They’re fired up and will do anything to ensure America does not turn into a Democrat socialist nation. You can count on patriotic Hispanics to step up and Keep America Great!

Duke Machado, social media director of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, was a missile systems specialist in the Air Force.

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