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LETTERS: '1619 Project' presents more complete view of history

LETTERS: '1619 Project' presents more complete view of history

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I rise in opposition to fellow Woodway resident Bobby Jack Blain’s June 3 letter in which he invites readers to go online “and judge for yourself” The New York Times’ “1619 Project,” then promptly proceeds to mischaracterize it.

Lifting principally — I purposely avoided “liberally” — from such right-wing rags as the Washington Examiner and The Heritage Foundation, Blain advances a completely false narrative, implying that “1619” seeks to replace, as opposed to supplement, our understanding of our nation’s history.

Framing it in terms of “‘re-education’ [that] should have a chilling effect on anyone familiar with the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution,” Blain appears to want to cover his eyes and plug his ears when anything surfaces other than the star-spangled “history” he learned. Frankly, I’ve come to resent having not learned about Tulsa, Oklahoma; Elaine, Arkansas; or Slocum, Texas (to name but a few) until well into adulthood, thanks to the historical whitewashing seemingly preferred by Blain.

David E. Skelton, Woodway

Congrats, MCC

Thanks to the Waco Trib for the excellent coverage of MCC baseball’s historic national championship win at the 2021 NJCAA World Series. Though MCC has been to the World Series a number of times, but it has been 38 years since they won the championship in 1993. Because most local news coverage emphasizes four-year college athletics or local high school athletics, many in community and junior college communities don’t recognize the work and commitment of community college athletic departments, student athletes and the athletes’ parents in making an incredible accomplishment like this possible.

MCC had a run of 23 straight win this season, including the World Series run. Can you imagine the work these students had, keeping up their GPAs with classes under COVID-19 protocols, attending practice, working out and winning games with miraculous batting, world-class pitching, eye-opening catching and mind-boggling defensive action?

Having had the opportunity to watch the MCC baseball program in action at the recent regional tournament, held in Waco for the first time in 35 years, as well as watch all five of the World Series games, two by streaming and three in Grand Junction last week, I can say without reservation, that the Waco community has every reason to be extremely proud of Coach Mitch Thompson, his staff and an incredible group of respectful, talented and well-behaved student athletes.They represented MCC and Waco beautifully and deserve the same support and respect given to four-year collegiate athletic programs.

Some of these incredible MCC student athletes will go on to blue ribbon four-year educational institutions and/or professional baseball careers. Many will return to MCC next season to make another run for the World Series. We will see some of their names in lights, for sure.

If you haven’t had a chance to support MCC by attending activities or contributing to scholarships for MCC students, now might be a good time to start.

Congrats to MCC and its baseball program. I look forward to what these students will accomplish in sports and in life. So should we all.

Harry Harelik, Waco

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