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LETTERS: 2020 offers choice for up-and-coming generations

LETTERS: 2020 offers choice for up-and-coming generations

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The next generation

Hate. Lies. Division.

Young voters, we are better than this. As the new voice of our democracy, we must make our cry be heard louder than ever — not despite but because of the simple truth that the current leader of this country is unwilling to listen.

To echo famous words, “It is what it is.” Trump is led not by our nation’s values. He has made it more difficult for the average voter (yes, you) to receive affordable health care and education. He has rejected every opportunity to preserve the planet that we will inherit. He hid in a bunker as we bled for peace and held a Bible for a photo-op as we rallied in the streets, uttering softly, “Love thy neighbor.” He is the president who cried hoax over the shaking voices of families, friends and lovers whispering goodbye into the phone as loved ones died alone at the hand of a virus he ignored.

This is no longer a matter of sides: Our world is burning. Our nation is crying. Our democracy is vulnerable. As of now, we have the power to turn the tide of change with one united, indivisible voice. Use your voice and vote.

John O’Connor,

Cedar Creek

* * *

We all have a clear-cut choice in elections. Would it be better if I told my children at the outset: “You can never make it on your own. You must depend on the government for everything.” That sure would get a child down. Wouldn’t it be better if I told my child: “You can do what you want on your own. Of course, I’ll be there if you need me. Other than that, I’ll let you try all things yourself. There is nothing that takes the place of pride in a job well done.”

This is contrary to what one party has preached for years. Can you believe it? Minorities still vote for this particular party’s candidates. Then they say the other side is racist and shows only hate. Yet the side showing racism and hatred is the side saying, “You can’t do it yourself and you must depend on us.”

If I were in the minority, that would make me very upset. Are you saying because I’m a minority I have to live in poverty all my life? Many have eyes and can look around and see minority people all around who have dug themselves out of poverty and become mayors, lawyers, doctors, politicians, even a president of the United States. So the old story is getting older. Most white people love to see the minorities get ahead. I know I do. I don’t feel white privilege. I’ll admit it used to be that way, but with things such as affirmative action minorities have been given as good an opportunity as whites. In fact, for a while minorities were given a better opportunity, which is OK because they did have problems years ago. But they have prospered and go to the same schools as everyone.

No longer do Democratic governors stand in doorways of schools and colleges not wanting blacks to enter, pushing segregation and not wanting blacks to be in class and cafeterias with whites. It can be a better place for all if the minorities quit listening to those who always want to be hateful and will never be satisfied to see love and civility between the races.

Jerry Willett, Lorena

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