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LETTERS: Be careful, Joanna; do something, Rep. Sessions; systems of thinking

LETTERS: Be careful, Joanna; do something, Rep. Sessions; systems of thinking

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No solutions

I attended Rep. Pete Sessions’ town hall meeting held at University High School on Nov. 8. I have been a moderate independent voter all of my life, not belonging to either party. I have voted in Republican and Democratic primaries. I also have voted for Republican and Democratic presidential candidates. With that in mind, I went to listen to Rep. Sessions to hear what he had to say.

It started off with a local pediatrician giving an update on COVD-19 in Waco and McLennan County. I don’t recall him giving any credentials as an infectious disease expert. He went on to say that everybody would eventually get COVID-19. He did not recommend the vaccination. Sessions then went on to criticize everything that has gone wrong, in his opinion, this year with the Biden administration. He was quick to point out high gas prices, even stating he saw gas in the Waco area for $3.30 a gallon — even though I have seen gas for $2.86 at several locations. Unusual that he picked that price, or how it even affected his driving habits at his salary of around $165,000 a year.

He offered no solutions at all to any of the topics he brought up. He did state he voted against the infrastructure bill that was crafted and passed in a bipartisan manner. Upon looking around the room, I did not see any African Americans, Hispanics or women in the room. If they were there, they were hidden by the the mostly older white male crowd. Although he gave the local sheriff quite a bit of praise, he did not mention anything about meeting the new police chief in Waco, who by the way is doing an outstanding job for the department and the city so far. I will give him credit for actually holding a town hall, something his predecessor didn’t do. And that same person now sits on the ERCOT board.

Rep. Sessions, offer solutions, not whining criticism. I saw enough whining and chaos from 2016 to 2020. Stand up, offer solutions, work together with your colleagues across the aisle. As you so nobly said, you only have one vote, but that vote represents all of us in this district. It does not just represent the select few or the ones who can complain the loudest at your town hall meetings.

Phillip Ballman, Waco

Stand down

I recently read an article about Joanna Gaines posting pictures of her house being decorated for Christmas this year.

There appears to be some controversy as to when decorating should be done — before or after Thanksgiving.

One of the pictures shows Joanna and her 3-year-old son standing on bar stools. This is what the controversy should be about, not when she put the tree up. She put her son, and herself, at risk of serious injury. It would only take a second for either of them to lose their balance and fall.

Evelyn Cowart, Woodway

System askance

It’s called systemic racism. Sadly, I will be forced to participate before the end of this month.

I will fly out of Waco and submit to a TSA security check. TSA will demand that all potential passengers show a form of personal ID approved by TSA.

We all know that ethnic groups that have faced discrimination also face significant hurdles in acquiring government-approved personal identification. The result is suppression of air travel for ethnic minorities. I look forward to the end of this form of systemic favoritism for the ethnic majority.

John Pisciotta, Waco

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