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LETTERS: Best of luck to Kim Mulkey, city council candidates

LETTERS: Best of luck to Kim Mulkey, city council candidates

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For Holmes

I met Jim Holmes during his first campaign to represent District 5 on the Waco City Council. After dealing with him on various issues, I have come to know him as a person dedicated to doing what is best for the city of Waco. He is highly intelligent and thorough in his research of various issues submitted before the council. He is a skilled business person and truly cares about the best solution to issues.

I have observed him at public gatherings where he spent his time meeting and listening to the individuals present regarding issues most concerning to them. He did not just walk through the group shaking hands and disappear. He listened with true interest to the questions from various individuals in attendance. He could easily spend his time elsewhere, but instead, donates his time and talents to helping Waco become a better place for us all.

We need to keep a person of Jim Holmes’ character, intelligence and dedication continuing to serve as our representative for District 5 on the Waco City Council. Please join me in reelecting Jim Holmes in this important election May 1.

Gloria D. Young, Waco

For Northcutt

I am writing to show my support Dr. Alan Northcutt for the Waco City Council, District 5.

As many of you already know, Alan has been an advocate for peace during our most recent wars. Currently his focus is on the condition of our climate, working toward improving the health of our planet. The reason: He cares about the future for all of us, not just a select few.

What I admire most about him is he is a man of his word, believing in his convictions. Whenever I have a comment, question or suggestion he has always gotten back with me. He is a quiet, unassuming man, not given to showboating or excess. He is intelligent, as evidenced by two different medical degrees. He is observant — he sees a need and does what he can to find a solution. One example is coordinating the recycling of Styrofoam to reduce the glut of this product in our landfill and its ensuing pollution. He knows the advantage of sustainable energy because he practices what he preaches. Finally, he is not afraid to seek answers for unpopular challenges because he recognizes the importance of the outcomes. To quote a column in the Tribune-Herald [April 21], “Environmental progress does not mean handicapping economic development.”

For all of these attributes and more I urge you to vote for Alan Northcutt for Waco City Council in District 5. He will willingly represent all of us. After all, when it comes down to it, everyone in Waco has an investment in our future success.

Nancy Marquis, Waco

Good luck, Kim

Congratulations and best wishes to Kim Mulkey as she embarks on the next chapter of her amazing career. Thank you, Kim, for the memories and the winning attitude that you brought to Baylor. You are a credit to Waco and Baylor University and I know you will do well in your future endeavors. Good luck and godspeed. We will miss you.

James A. Allmon, Waco

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