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LETTERS: Beto bad for Texas and a refreshingly independent Department of Justice

LETTERS: Beto bad for Texas and a refreshingly independent Department of Justice

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Bad news Beto

In response to a recent article in the Trib about Beto O’Rourke mulling a bid for Texas governor one might ponder, why?

Why does a failed presidential, failed U.S Senate contender, and do-nothing congressman from El Paso think he’s now “born” to be the governor of Texas? One would think Texans sent democrats a clear message in the 2020 election when Republicans won virtually every contested race from president to dog catcher. But Beto is a living whack-a-mole game, he just keeps popping up in different races. The man came out of nowhere and gained popularity for promoting gun-grabbing policies, proudly proclaiming in a 2019 debate, “Hell yes, we’re [meaning the federal government] going to take [read: by force] your AR-15.” Typical entitled politician.

He hasn’t achieved anything other than that sound clip played on repeat by sycophants at CNN and yet he believes he deserves your vote. Or maybe he believes he can take advantage of the “new normal” and steal the vote. Oh wait, thanks to Briscoe Cain and Bryan Hughes, Democrats (despite Beto’s best efforts) will have a much harder time committing election misconduct. All rhetoric aside, Beto has one of the most regressive, liberal voting records ever. If you take nothing else from this letter, please consider his voting record and ask yourself if this is the man you want leading Texas. Here’s a sample of what he stands for:

against funding construction of a border wall;

against making the 2017 tax cuts permanent;

against expanding eligibility for health savings accounts;

supports abortions after 20 weeks;

supports sanctuary cities;

supports the Green New Deal.

The list of horrors goes on and on — it is just a sample of the egregious, bad-for-Texas policies Beto would force upon us, if (God-forbid) elected. From this letter you will note the author’s zeal for conservative ideals and values. However, even if you want to discount this article as toxic, please don’t gloss over the man’s voting record. It’s not only bad policy, it harms Texas families.

Genesis Luna, Waco

Independent DOJ

On May 24 President Biden’s Department of Justice appealed an order to publicly release a pivotal 2019 memo about whether then-President Donald Trump obstructed the Russia investigation.

A highly redacted version of the memo was already available to the public. But the full version, if it is ever released, could shed new light on how Trump appointees at the Justice Department justified why he shouldn’t be charged, even though special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation found strong evidence that Trump repeatedly obstructed the probe.

While this appeal may come as a disappointment to those of us who opposed Trump’s unethical and arguably illegal behavior, the good news is that it documents the veracity of President Biden’s promise that the DOJ under the guidance of Attorney General Merrick Garland would function independently and autonomously; this, of course, is in stark contrast to the DOJ under William Barr, which more often than not acted politically on behalf of Trump — something in violation of the intent of the framers of the U.S. Constitution.

Richard Cherwitz, Austin

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