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LETTERS: Centenarian offers advice for the unvaccinated

LETTERS: Centenarian offers advice for the unvaccinated

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Centenarian speaks

I am 102 years old and almost 103. Wondering how I got this letter out? Thank Siri.

If I have to go to the hospital, do you think there are resources to treat me in the current situation? We all know the answer is no. We have put our wonderful medical workers in the terrible position to make many choices like this — choices they never dreamed they would have to make. We also expose them daily to a deadly virus and to the trauma of unnecessary, horrific deaths over and over.

This letter is not for me but is for others who are younger (that's everyone!) and desperately need medical care. It is directed to people who think they know better than scientists and medical professionals. Those of you who are physically able to take the vaccine and/or wear a mask (98%+ of us) and who have refused to do so: Don’t go get care from scientifically trained medical professionals. You wouldn’t listen in the face of a deadly worldwide pandemic, so don’t ask for their help now. You are taking up space so that those injured in car accidents or who have heart attacks can’t get care and those in need of surgery mainly cannot have it.

To hospitals: Take these cavalier, misguided and misinformed people out of the hospital if there needs to be room for people who took all the precautions or who have other medical needs. These again are horrific decisions to make and no one should ever have to make them. I am shocked at the lack of critical thinking on the part of a vast number of people and at their lack of concern for how they are putting others at risk.

You think wearing a mask or getting an inoculation is a terrible hardship? Try being a soldier fighting for our country. Your pansy "sacrifice" is laughable. Freedom isn’t about causing others harm. You’re damned lucky to have inoculations, and they’re free and developed by brilliant scientists. Take the inoculation of your choice, just make the choice for your community. Wear a mask. It’s not just about you.

Marjorie Sanger, Waco

Political football

Dr. Kincannon made a courageous decision in mandating masks at Waco ISD, which she made while some asked for more legally cautious measures. She however made the right and moral decision, which puts the students, staff and teachers of Waco ISD first. Her decision, and that of the school board backing her, puts aside politics and focuses on the physical and mental well-being of Waco ISD students, as well as values the lives and livelihoods of those who work at Waco ISD.

Bottom line is that many students are too young to be vaccinated and also have family members in high-risk categories. As a former teacher and youth director, I know it's not been children and youth pushing against masks, but adults that are making those children's health their political football.

We must keep the students, staff and teachers of Waco ISD as safe as possible today, in this present moment. Masking helps achieve that goal.

I back Dr. Kincannon and the school board.

Suzi Elnaggar, Waco

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