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LETTERS: City of Waco shrugging as low-quality, overpriced rent houses get built

LETTERS: City of Waco shrugging as low-quality, overpriced rent houses get built

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Is city listening?

Many have asked why the city is allowing AmeriTex to build overpriced, poorly constructed homes lacking in aesthetics and structural longevity. Thus far it seems our city management has shrugged its bureaucratic shoulders with responses such as “well, developers aren’t breaking the law, codes, or regulations.” By deferring to existing (often antiquated) policies or regulations, bureaucracies often sidestep the complex social and ethical considerations in mixed-income housing and neighborhood development.

Fortunately, it’s not rocket science to secure local development. The city can proactively reach out to lot owners and encourage selling to vetted, local builders by providing incentives or offering to purchase lots at market price to protect neighborhoods from outside investors. This is not new. Many models already exist where forward-thinking cities create policies in order to ensure quality mixed-income housing and protect the integrity of historic neighborhoods. However, this requires leadership bearing witness to the realities of current community members. Sanger Heights and Brook Avenue, where many of the AmeriTex homes exist, are organized by associations that have vocalized their concerns, including District 4 representative, Kelly Palmer. Are you listening?

Joel H. Scott, Waco

Big snafu

In reference to Pam Eneff’s letter of Jan 22, Lyn, my wife, and I live in ZIP code 76712 and Lyn has NOT gotten her COVID-19 vaccine. I got my vaccination at the Waco VA hospital. We must not be affluent enough.

Lyn is over 75 and has three dangerous life threatening conditions. She tried for two days to access the Waco Convention Center and the phone was always busy. She called two of her doctors and they had no vaccine. She got a suggestion to go out of county and did not want to do that. She got some misinformation about places and times from well-meaning persons. She called Ascension Providence on Jan. 31. The operator had to slowly repeat website information so she could write if down. She went to the website and made no progress on getting a vaccination appointment.

Waco’s COVID-19 vaccination program is a big snafu!

Robert Powers, Waco

1b and waiting

I read the Waco Trib faithfully every day and have registered for McLennan County Health Department newsletters regarding COVID-19 vaccine. I, too, have tried unsuccessfully more than three times with the call to register. I put my name on the waiting list and was excited about Providence hospital being a hub. Went to their 70-plus character URL today and all registrations are filled. Is this someone’s idea of a cruel joke? Why would you have to have a URL with that many characters. I also called the number in the paper and that said the same thing. Some hub for vaccines? Please get enough doses and make it simpler to register for an appointment. I fall in the 1b and I am waiting.

Janet Enders, Crawford

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