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LETTERS: COVID treatment disparity, nepotism at its worst, and flu shots in the parking lot

LETTERS: COVID treatment disparity, nepotism at its worst, and flu shots in the parking lot

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Walgreens gems

The past year has been fraught with trials and challenges along with grief, pain, and loss. Nonetheless, when I look back on 2020, I find that I can recall a few very bright points. One of those occurred in Waco, my childhood home.

When we needed to arrange for flu shots for my parents, whose combined age totals 170 years, the options were complicated by the ongoing pandemic. Neither of my folks have been out of their home except for doctor appointments, of which there have been many, since March. So waiting in line amid the crowds at a pharmacy wasn’t an option. I don’t know if the staff at Walgreens Store #4604 regularly administers flu shots in the parking lot — masked up, in the wind and rain — but that’s what we needed and that’s what they delivered. Along with broad smiles.

The staff deserves kudos all around. The year is not over yet, but it’ll take a lot to beat that day. Take a minute and think about it and I’ll wager you, too, can come up with a similar gem of a memory.

Gene Fisseler, Houston

Respect long gone

President Trump’s favoritism in pardoning crooks and felons associated with him may be nothing new among presidents in general, but it is certainly disgusting. To top it all, Jared Kushner, whose role in the White House I never understood based on his lack of governmental experience, got the president to pardon his father — nepotism at its worst.

Any respect I may have ever had for President Trump is long gone.

John Baker, Hewitt

What will you get?

A COVID-19 positive Rudy Giuliani (with few symptoms) got immediate treatment upon being admitted to the hospital. Rudy was given the very same rare, difficult to produce, very expensive and effective medicine that was given to Trump (although Trump was given four times the normal dose). Rudy said, “If it wasn’t me, I wouldn’t have been put in a hospital, frankly.” He said that he got “celebrity treatment.” Housing Secretary Ben Carson and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie received the same “celebrity treatment.”

Hospitals across the nation are running out of rooms and are only admitting the most serious patients. Because of the scarcity of this special drug regimen, some hospitals are actually running a lottery system to see which critical patient will get this special drug regimen. California was given 23,000 doses even though they had 794,000 active cases. Washington, D.C. got only 208 doses. Three thousand American souls died the same day “celebrity” Rudy was discharged from the hospital. The head of White House security became COVID-19 positive in September and lost his leg below the knee due to complications from the virus. His friends started a GoFundMe page to help with his extreme expenses. Obviously, he did not enjoy celebrity status like Trump’s friends. Over 130 Secret Service members have tested positive thus far.

The wealthy and well-connected always seem to get preferential treatment. What treatment will you get?

Randy Broussard, Belton

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