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LETTERS: Election 2020 in Trump's America shifts into high gear

LETTERS: Election 2020 in Trump's America shifts into high gear

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Republican theft

To the chairman of the McLennan County Republican Party: Get your fairy brigade of Trumpettes to put my “Veterans for Biden and Harris” campaign signs back. To the chairman of the McLennan County Democratic Party: This is a criminal election violation and the Republican Party and its leaders need to be held accountable for illegally entering private property and stealing over a dozen campaign election signs.

As an independent, I get to exercise my constitutionally guaranteed rights when campaigning and voting while pathetic Republicans get to exercise their right to innate stupidity. Republican cowards, put our signs back!

Republican Party County Chairman, Col. Jon Ker, Army Special Forces (retired): We know you to be a man of honor. Having fought and worked in four conflicts as a Marine Corps Mustang, I earned the right for your cowards not to screw around with my right to campaign and vote. You are accountable and can’t shuttle this off to some Republican half-wit. Things can’t be that desperate that you would violate your integrity for the “useful idiot” by arranging to steal a dozen-plus campaign yard signs.

The most ignorant thing in an election is to steal yard signs because it just generates more cash rightfully sent to the Democrats and women’s rights. This text is being sent to the police notifying them that once again the Republican Party is violating the law while yelling law and order: yes, the same cowards who kidnapped and took breast-feeding babies from their brown-skinned parents and got away with it.

To the Trump cowards, put our signs back!

Mike O’Bric, Marine Corps Mustang, and Karen O’Bric, daughter of two WWII combat veterans, Woodway

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the interest of accuracy, local physician Brad Holland now chairs the McLennan County Republican Party.

Biases & choices

I have subscribed to this newspaper for many, many years. Never have I seen such a strong bias as this publication exhibits, specifically against President Trump and the Republican Party. Any issue or coverage that can be slanted against Trump or any negative influence is always present.

We should be able to look to our newspaper to fairly present both sides of an issue and let the readers make their own choices. Sadly, this is not the case with the totally biased Waco Tribune-Herald.

Carolyn Alford, Waco

Trump’s America

By attempting to undermine the integrity of our election and calling for an “army of poll watchers,” Donald Trump is setting the stage for voter confrontation and intimidation. He is encouraging the potential for violence before, during and after the election.

This can’t be what Trump supporters want. Where a desperate Trump is now leading, they may not follow.

Many former Republican elected officials and military leaders have identified Trump as a threat to our democracy. Unfortunately, Texas’ senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz have stood silently by for four years as Trump has undermined our democracy and our decency. They have abandoned their principles, one by one, till they have none.

My hope is Republican voters are willing to quietly admit to themselves that this is not what they voted for or what they want for America.

Mark McKinney,

Flower Mound

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