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LETTERS: Even in pandemic, flags get proper disposal

LETTERS: Even in pandemic, flags get proper disposal

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Proper disposal, thanks

The Trib did an outstanding job of publicizing the 19th annual flag retirement and disposal in the Briefly column. And printed on Monday’s front page were Rod Aydelotte’s unique photos that captured the patriotic event. However, with all due respect to the Heart of Texas Young Marines, who provided unparalleled effort in counting and respectfully placing 1,700 unserviceable flags in the two burn grates, credit should be given to Elizabeth Gordon Bradley Chapter DAR which planned, publicized and produced the event.

The City of Woodway provided the venue and fire protection; the McLennan County Veterans Association received and stored large quantities of flags at VFW Post 6008. The cast of supporters is lengthy and each one is vital to our success. Many individuals prepared flags for disposal, various businesses served as collection sites, veterans stored and transported the burn grates and numerous patriotic citizens participated in the drive-thru donation.

Our Armed Forces have never wavered in their commitment to defend our country. Likewise, since 9/11, 2001, we have been committed to honoring our veterans and our flag during Veterans Appreciation Week with a ceremony on the first Sunday after Veterans Day. A program created by Elizabeth Gordon Bradley Chapter DAR will be posted soon on the Carleen Bright Arboretum Facebook page.

Norma Thronburg, Waco

* * *

We’d like to give a big shout out and thank you to the Elizabeth Gordon Bradley Chapter NSDAR, the city of Woodway, Young Marines, and others for creating a very successful first time drive-through flag retirement ceremony. Many people were appreciative of holding this during this time. This was the 19th annual flag retirement and disposal ceremony. Over 1,700 flags were disposed of, a wonderful thing which happens always on the first Sunday after Veterans Day.

Barbara Lewandowski, Woodway

Pro-life House gains

The U.S. House of Representatives elections were a huge victory for the defenders of pre-born life. With a few seats undecided, there will be 17 new pro-life women serving in the House.

The last to reach a victory was Young Kim of the 39th congressional district of California. Nine of these women flipped seats formerly held by abortion-supporting Democrats.

The mainstream press correctly predicted a net change of 10 or more seats. However, they were wrong about which party would gain and which would lose.

The largest-ever contingent of pro-life women in the House, most likely 27, will resist Nancy Pelosi’s legislation. This includes her avowed goal of ending the Hyde Amendment to open up federal abortion funding. And, Republican pro-life women are poised to be in the majority in 2022.

John Pisciotta, Waco

Vote with your feet

In response to businesses that aren’t making customers wear a mask, stop spending money in those places. Money talks.

Americans have become so self-centered they don’t care about others. There are people who simply are not going to let anyone tell them what to do, period. But if you visit a store and there’s people not wearing masks, walk out. I’d let them know why I’m walking out first. There’s several stores in Waco that aren’t enforcing the mask rule. Don’t shop there. Maybe if they can’t stay in business they will get a backbone.

Linda Eaton, Lorena

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