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LETTERS: Family divisions, GOP choices and a shot in the arm

LETTERS: Family divisions, GOP choices and a shot in the arm

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Missing sis

I was in the middle of writing a snarky quiz to the paper to make fun of the Republicans when something occurred. I overheard a radio talk show host say that those who are against Trump are being vindictive toward him for political purposes. He said we never gave him a chance and just hounded him from day one.

I have a sister who has drunk the Trump Kool-Aid and I miss her. She retired as a nurse helping people all her life. We were close all our lives. She was the one I called when calling home. She was fun, even when putting up with a bum ex-husband and two children.

Yes, I am vindictive. I’ve been patient enough. I’m getting old and I don’t want my great-grandchildren thinking they can lie and bully their ways out of every situation. They shouldn’t think temporary gains are worth their honor.

I used to think Trump was not that smart. But I’ve watched him use all the tricks past dictators have used to cling to power. Who would have thought he actually listened in school?

If it hadn’t been for that one little thing called democracy, he might have continued for who knows how long.

It’s time to pay the piper and give me back my sister. I miss her.

John Kamenec, Waco

Convict Trump

I suggest to my Republican friends that you consider contacting your elected officials and recommending that they support the impeachment and conviction of Donald Trump. This may be the best way to save the Republican Party as a viable national force. If Trump is impeached and convicted, he can be prohibited from ever holding a federal office again.

Trump may have lost all credibility with much of the American public, but if he is not precluded by law from running for president in 2024, he might choose to do so. I fear there would be a fairly substantial segment of your party that would support him. If he cannot run for president, his supporters would be faced with the choice of voting for a Democrat, not voting at all or voting for a sensible Republican candidate. Your party would be much less fragmented.

It should not be a bridge too far for mainstream Republicans to advocate impeachment and conviction of Trump. After all, the idiots who desecrated our nation’s Capitol weren’t just hunting for Nancy Pelosi, they were also seeking Mike Pence to execute him for his supposed betrayal of Trump.

If Trump is not prevented from running for the presidency in 2024, I fear you will be turning over control of the federal government to the Democrats for the foreseeable future.

Mike Field, Hewitt

Good shot

I want to publicly thank the McLennan County workers, EMTs and medical personnel running the vaccine process at the Waco Convention Center. Everyone was so helpful and kind — from a greeting outside on the sidewalk until I left through the doors to the parking lot. At a time when the world is so full of negativity, I feel very positive about our county’s plan to provide such a huge undertaking. I am looking forward to returning in a few weeks for shot No. 2. Please know your efforts are appreciated.

Carla Dever, Hewitt

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