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LETTERS: Fire Pelosi — and McConnell, too

LETTERS: Fire Pelosi — and McConnell, too

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Start fresh

I have a suggestion for the Congress. It is simple. Members of the House and Senate should make a deal. This deal would be to show the American people that they are serious about making this a better, more reasonable nation.

The House should replace Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Senate should replace Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, starting the new Congress with new leadership. Tell the American people that we want a better working nation. Stop the hate and cooperate.

David Gray, Waco

Not a statistic

I would like to thank now-former Mayor Kyle Deaver for his thoughtful response in Sunday’s newspaper. I would like to thank our local health officials, community leaders and others who are on the front lines of this pandemic. It has to be hard to be making decisions during this age of anti-intellectualism, an age where the educated, scientific, largely agreed upon consensus around the world concerning health safety protocols and precautions is taking a back seat to individualism, pseudo-science and YouTube videos.

I really appreciated the mayor in relaying the message that he did. For me personally, death should be humanized and not be just a statistic. It’s easy to dismiss death as a natural part of life, as some abstract concept that will never happen to you, until it’s knocking at your own front door, or those you love.

I have lost a family member to COVID-related issues. I have lost a parent to cancer, and a parent and sibling in an automobile accident as well. Death absolutely happens and will continue to be a part of life. I’m no stranger to it. But I have chosen to follow the caution of our community and world health leaders during this time. After all, I live in a society, not my own little world.

A mask and a little distance is such a small price to pay until we can figure things out and get to a better position to deal with this unknown. Life must and should go on, without lockdowns again. But it will continue to be hard to do so with so many people not seeing beyond their own nose. And they can’t blame masks for that, because the mask is pulled down far below it.

J. Anthony, Waco

Lesser offense?

Managers of many of Waco’s stores and businesses tell me they cannot require customers to wear masks; customers who don’t want to wear masks would be offended if they were told to put on masks or leave. To them I say: I am also your customer! I’m offended that you don’t enforce the signs at your stores’ or businesses’ entrances. The signs say people entering must wear masks. Then you allow customers to roam around, shop, look, without masks or with masks pulled down. And you don’t enforce the social distancing indicated by the footprints or arrows on your floors.

To you, store and business managers, I say “I am your customer and I am offended when you don’t require other customers to keep me safe inside your place of business. Why is my being offended less important to you than their being offended?”

Please, please require your customers and employees to wear masks for my sake and for everyone’s sake.

Roger Olson, Waco

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