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LETTERS: Great Veterans Day parade; standard GOP line

LETTERS: Great Veterans Day parade; standard GOP line

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No representation

I’d like to add a coda to the Nov. 14 letter by Phillip Ballman about his experience at Rep. Pete Sessions’ recent town hall in Waco.

With the exception of Chet Edwards, I have never had any representation of my ideas, views, needs or complaints by any Republican elected by my fellow residents of McLennan County. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison was no better than either Sen. Ted Cruz or Sen. John Cornyn, neither of whom seem to give a rip about anyone other than their fellow apparatchiks or their wealthy donors. (They are good at flying home for a self-serving photo op now and then.)

If I was able to get through at all to either of them by telephone, I was promised a return contact which never came. Letters and emails invariably result in some boilerplate, all-purpose nonsense obviously written for them by the Heritage Foundation or ALEC or some other right wing “think tank.” Cornyn is one of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s favorite ventriloquist’s dummies and Cruz works hard at making himself the national laughingstock.

As for Sessions and state Sen. Brian Birdwell, I figure I can always count on them to toe the standard GOP line, no matter how mean-spirited, outrageous, stupid or regressive it becomes.

I don’t know what else you expected, Mr. Ballman.

Michael Jones, Waco

Young vets needed

We as a nation are in a very trying time these days. We have come through political strife, a pandemic crisis and way too many questionable decisions on our personal rights over the last two years or so.

With all that in mind, we as a community, under the leadership of Stan Parker and with many volunteers, did put on a very respectable Veterans Day Parade on Nov. 11. The participants were many and there were a lot of good folks on the sidewalks to enjoy the parade.

Recently, I wrote a column mentioning that usually it is the veterans who put the parade together. That was a statement and not a complaint. I have personally participated in this parade since 1989 and worked on it since 1992. I do so not for my ego but to ensure there is a parade for those who deserve it.

If I were to have a “bucket list” in life, it would include every veteran watching the parade from the sidewalks being in the parade itself. Yes. I know there are those who cannot do so physically.

I want to publicly thank Stan Parker and his association for their grand results this year. They had short notice, took the challenge and ran with it. Thank you, Stan.

I also say thank you to every volunteer this year and in every year past who took the whole mission seriously, completed it with finesse and when the time came did their best to pass the mission on to the next group of volunteers.

I look forward to the next year’s parade and hope to see more veterans and more smiling faces, regardless of the weather or the world.

I will put in a plug for the McLennan County Veterans Association and all veteran organizations who have been doing this for many years. It would be rude to say we are old, but then when your bones make this much racket, it is not the motor, it is the frame.

It is time for you younger veterans to step up. By younger I mean anyone under 70 or so. Memorial Day and Veterans Day activities are initiated and followed through by those who know and feel their importance. I would be glad to talk with anyone interested in knowing more on the association or any veteran organization.

We welcome volunteers, whether a veteran or not.

Bill Mahon, Waco

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