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LETTERS: Heroic teachers, police officers and Trib photographers

LETTERS: Heroic teachers, police officers and Trib photographers

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FILE - In this Tuesday, July 7, 2020 file photo, Rachel Bardes holds a sign in front of the Orange County Public Schools headquarters as teachers protest with a car parade around the administration center in downtown Orlando, Fla. As pressure mounts for teachers to return to their classrooms this fall, concerns about the pandemic are pushing many toward alternatives, including career changes, as some mobilize to delay school reopenings in areas hardest hit by the coronavirus. Teachers unions have begun pushing back on what they see as unnecessarily aggressive timetables for reopening. (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel via AP, File)

Heroic profession

It will be a stressful start of school. Imagine you are a teacher in your 50s or 60s and looking forward to retirement in a few years. Schools are asking you to go among children who will almost certainly have COVID-19, though most of them will not even know they’re sick. The sick children will most likely recover with no consequences, yet many of the teachers will become critically ill. Of these, some may die.

What is being done to protect the teachers? Will the schools provide powered respirators with high efficiency filters, as we see in hospital COVID-19 wards, or only bandanas and flimsy masks in school colors? Or will the teacher be expected to provide his or her own personal protective equipment, batteries and filters? If the teachers have to buy their own equipment, is the school going to pay anything for it and for extra equipment to have on hand in case of a breakdown? Have the schools declared a standard for the respirators and filters? Will the school system help with medical and burial costs — or do teachers’ families have to cover this expense?

Teaching has really become a heroic occupation.

Charles Huffman, Waco

Protect police unions

I have a high degree of certainty (94%) that Charlyce Bozzello is not a reader of the Waco Trib. She must be employed by the Washington, D.C., public relations firm Center for Union Facts, one of many groups founded by a man named Richard Burman. I also feel sure (94%) that the letter is a blanket letter sent to newspapers to influence public opinion.

We all know bad actors are in every profession: professors, community organizers, newspapermen, cops, etc. All are weeded out at some point.

I feel that 94% of the time when a person receives a traffic ticket, it upsets him and he doesn’t like it. Some will complain and, depending on circumstances, it could go on the police officer’s record. We are living in turbulent times and now perhaps more citizens are complaining. Police officers need their police associations to protect them from frivolous complaints, politicians and politically appointed police chiefs. I have a long history of involvement in law enforcement and I believe only 1% or less could be considered bad officers. Please remember: It’s a tough, stressful and dangerous job.

“Defund the police” has become a rallying cry. Cops are leaving the profession by the hundreds. Powerful lobbying groups such as the Center for Union Facts are doing nothing but swaying public opinion in that direction. My poll says I’m right 94% of the time. Also check out See if you believe them.

Sign me: a loyal reader of the Trib 94% of the time.

Joe A. Hunter, Clifton

Eye on the sky

Wow! What a shot, and of the most beautiful variety. When I saw the great photo taken by veteran Trib staff photographer Rod Aydelotte of Comet Neowise last week, I was once again reminded why I am a loyal Waco Trib subscriber. Each day, Rod and his veteran crew of accomplished photographers cover the depth and breath of emotions our community members experience. They find the victorious smiles, the grief and sadness, the people and places I might not otherwise know. We are so lucky to have their photos enrich the paper. I look forward to the morning paper for the colorful stories captured in a click.

Maggie McCarthy, Waco

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