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LETTERS: High school student offers perspective on masking

LETTERS: High school student offers perspective on masking

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Student view

I’m a sophomore at Vanguard and I wanted to give insight on masks in school from a high school student’s perspective.

Of course I don’t like wearing a mask, who does? However, knowing I have the power to keep myself and others safe by taking one step and wearing a mask, why wouldn’t I? I believe people should get vaccinated and wear a mask. It’s just what people should do.

Luke Williams, Waco

Unvaxxed threat

Almost 7.8 million children under age 18 live in homes where the householders are grandparents or other relatives. This means about 2.5 million grandparents are responsible for grandchildren living with them. More than one-third have no parents of the children present in the home. These grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends are the only protection these children have. If this wall of defense goes, due to COVID-19, these children will become part of the overwhelmed and understaffed Child Protective Services and foster care system.

Also, there are 1.4 million people living in nursing homes in the United States. Their loved ones want to see them. The first round of isolation revealed the sad and deadly results of no contact from a kind and loving touch.

It has been proven that the vaccination works. Yes, you might get the virus, but you most likely will survive. We have to count on total strangers to make the right decision. None of us want to bury a child, grandchild or loved one because they were surrounded by someone who did not get the vaccination.

Frances Orbeck, Gatesville

Remember the soul

If I have misunderstood what Rev. King has written [Sept. 9 column], I hope to be enlightened.

I am to be like Jesus. I do not want Jesus to conform to me. The lessons and teachings on faith and kindness are the same today as years ago. Yes, the presentation of things of the world has changed only into evolved “modernized” appearance. But to me God is the same alpha/omega. Always above me, yet abounding in love and salvation’s grace.

As for abortion, I would never question prayer and anguish between a mother and God. A mother in anguish and prayer to God is a mother who knows she has created a soul, not just a baby. God will listen.

But, I must agree with those who do not even see life in what they create — much less a soul. Those womb babies need protection. I know I must never judge. I know I have voted for man-made laws that were already put there by God.

Some mothers are unknowing of what I believe, some are unbelieving and some might not just care.

Please, if you have made God and Jesus present, then remember the soul of that precious living baby. After you listen to the mothers, tell them about the soul and life of the womb baby.

Terry Brazelton, Waco

Supporting SB 8

I have read article after article after article in the Tribune-Herald decrying the recently passed abortion law in Texas. Since the Trib seems to be disinclined to express any other viewpoint, let me try. Because of SB 8, 44,000 babies will not be murdered in Texas this year. The law has my absolute support.

Gene Griffin, Lorena

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