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LETTERS: If protests were so violent, why weren't the police called?

LETTERS: If protests were so violent, why weren't the police called?

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No charges filed

On Oct. 28, Cheryl Foster wrote a letter about birth control. In her letter, she stated that Planned Parenthood is still open to help women with birth control. She should have said to exploit women for profit.

Next she heralds Planned Parenthood’s former sex education program, called Nobody’s Fool, which used a pornographic book to indoctrinate children as young as fifth grade to become sexually active.

She said the reason Nobody’s Fool was discontinued was because a pro-life group protesting the event accosted children and parents made it too dangerous to be there.

That is an outright lie. If it was so dangerous why weren’t the police called, and why weren’t there any charges filed?

Anyone that was there saw pastors and concerned citizens talking to parents, not children, to warn them of the harmful content being presented to their kids.

The truth is parents were made aware of what their children were being exposed to. As a result the number of participants dwindled, and the workshop was discontinued.

Doel Garcia, Morgan

Explaining to do

I have been a proud Texas Longhorns fan since I moved to Austin to join the UT faculty in 1978. But I must be honest: Saturday’s loss to Iowa State was humiliating. Sadly, Texas may be one of the nation’s worst second-half teams, having been outscored Saturday 27-0 in the second half.

The bottom line: the Longhorns have gone from having an average season to a disastrous one. A once national powerhouse has become a mediocre program. While I continue to believe that Steve Sarkisian is a good coach, he has some explaining to do.

Why is our performance on the field so bad? Is it the fault of some of our assistant coaches? Are the players not sufficiently motivated? Have they not bought into the new system? Surely the problem can’t be just poor recruiting (UT continues to have a top 10 recruiting class)? By way of comparison, the University of Iowa, my alma mater, does not get the kind of blue chip players that UT does. Yet in the last few years the Hawkeyes have consistently outperformed the Longhorns.

I hope Coach Sarkisian will do some reflecting and be accountable, giving alumni and fans an explanation. Hook ‘em Horns!

Richard Cherwitz, Austin

Stick to sports

Does anyone else object to professional athletes sporting political statements somewhere on their uniforms? Are they that hard up to attract fans? Flip the coin. Fans can also be lost. Good management might want to focus the players’ full attention on winning their games and supporting their team, not campaigning.

My advice: March in any picket line, carry any sign, vote for whoever you want on your own time, not mine. I’m there to enjoy the game.

Juanita Case, Hewitt

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