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LETTERS: Indian Spring-Carver school merger is a disaster

LETTERS: Indian Spring-Carver school merger is a disaster

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Disaster of a school

It seems to me that it’s time for the parents of students going to Indian Spring/Carver Middle School to speak up about their children’s safety. I’m a mother of three students at Indian Spring and daily my children come home telling me of multiple fights, kids cussing out teachers and being allowed back in class. Last week, a kid was stabbed with a pencil and apparently there was blood on the floor covered with a caution sign. This past week a teacher was sent to the hospital because a student dislocated her shoulder and she fell into a trophy case.

Multiple teachers have quit and teachers who are pregnant are being told to stay in their classrooms so they don’t risk getting hurt in the hallways. I’ve personally spoken with a couple of teachers who say the Carver principal (since Indian Spring’s principal took a job elsewhere) doesn’t do anything. He blames the teachers. Teachers are not correctional officers, they are teachers. It’s time we as parents voice our concerns to everyone in charge of this disaster of a “school.”

Serenity Rose, Waco

Beliefs wanting

To Myra S. Millard of Houston [Letters, Sept. 30]: Aside from the fact that members of the LGBTQ group at Baylor were in no way shape or form attempting to entice you and convince you that their “lifestyle is so wonderful,” I wanted to let you know that any attempts you had at making your “lifestyle” seem warm and welcoming failed miserably. I think it’s time to understand that the same God who created you and me also created them — and everyone else.

If you are going to dig down into the trenches of your religious beliefs, or how you interpret those beliefs, I hope you also hold accountable your friends and family who have divorced and broken that promise to God, who have committed adultery, who live in gluttony in any aspect, or who live of this Earth in opulence, all while sharing “your beliefs.”

I just greatly dislike the cherry picking when it comes to what aspects of beliefs are touted. I have experienced unconditional love from Christianity, and am in no way trying to dismiss Christians as a whole. I just could not let our Waco community experience your verbal hatred, unchecked. The world is bigger than your bubble, and I hope one day love and understanding finds you.

Jacob Mendoza, Waco

Middle class hike

Regarding Richard Cherwitz’s letter [Thursday Trib], great piece. That was the best description of liberal Democrats I have ever seen in print or heard, especially the part about the “Big Lie.” You know, no new taxes, it’s all free and won’t cost anything, we’ll make the rich pay their fair share, that’s what the libs promise every election time.

Of course, that 1% of wealthy Americans only pays 40% or more of taxes collected and corporations just pass the tax hike to the consumer. The other 99% are too poor to pay taxes and others cheat so well on theirs. Who’s left? The middle class. They’re going to take it between the cheeks, as usual. A punch in the nose. Ya think? Ha! I can’t believe it took Cherwitz 43 years to figure that out. Where has he been all this time?

D.E. Picciandra, Woodway

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