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LETTERS: Jobs are the best solution for the homeless problem

LETTERS: Jobs are the best solution for the homeless problem

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Helping homeless

Regarding Mr. Olson’s feelings about our homeless [Letters, Oct. 19]: Sorry, Mr. Olson, you miss the mark with your solution of “choking their campsites” and “eliminating panhandling.”

I believe jobs are the solution. Group W Bench Litter Patrol watched a Channel 25 story of Joel Lopez interviewing Michael “Pops” Romero, a homeless man. Pops picks up litter in the area around New Road and Interstate 35. We started a fundraiser to buy food gift cards for him and his family as well as others who help.

When I talked to Pops on the phone and explained that we had set up a fundraiser for him and his crew, he handed the phone to his wife. The emotions were like a waterfall. Someone cared enough to help.

His wife, Carol, said she had just gotten a job with Denny’s and Pops was hopeful for a job himself. So, Mr. Olson, some panhandlers actually do want to work.

Our fundraiser is on our Facebook page, Group W Bench Litter Patrol. With your donations we are buying gift cards for food, supplies and a night’s lodging in dire emergencies. Thank you!

Bruce Huff, Waco

Socialism solved

I hear people complaining about socialism. We can solve this.

Medicare: Pay a certain amount monthly during your work years and when you get to the age the government decides you can get Medicare, you draw it until your saved amount is used up.

Social Security: You pay a certain amount each month during your work years. Then when you get to the age the government says you can receive it, you can start getting a monthly check until your amount saved runs out.

Veterans: If you serve in the military you get VA privileges on the day you are discharged for the number of years you served. If you served two years, you get two years, if four years, you get four years, etc.

Jim Denton, Gatesville

Genius plot

At first I was upset when Trump started filing lawsuits concerning the election, but I have made peace with it and agree with all his enablers — if there is a crime, it should be looked in to.

That said, Trump has a history of pre-lying in case events don’t go his way. When the popular vote went to Hillary, his claim of millions of illegals voting was investigated to death. How did that play out?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go into all the lies he has told in the last four years. His base is inured to them and I’d only be preaching to the choir. So we all knew ahead of time Trump would call foul if he lost. We can’t say Republicans cheated because their voter manipulation was out front well before the election, what with gerrymandering and voter roll purges.

It would seem Trump feels the Democrats have the time, energy and intelligence to engineer the greatest fraud ever. They would have to do this with a horde of co-conspirators involved right in front of (the all-powerful, all-knowing) Trump’s nose. I guess they timed it for when he was out golfing.

Their leader would have to be a genius to have Trump characterize the man who outfoxed him as an almost senile “sleepy Joe.”

Let Trump have his lawsuits. I hope he doesn’t end up embarrassing himself like some old has-been you meet on a park bench.

“Lookie here, I was once president. They stole it. I’ve got proof, I’ve got lawsuits. Ain’t that right, Lindsey.”

John Kamenec, Waco

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