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LETTERS: Koehler misses mark in characterizing CRT

LETTERS: Koehler misses mark in characterizing CRT

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Reformed CRT

In his Sunday column [“We can face the truth,” Nov. 14], Robert Koehler accuses those opposed to critical race theory of being racists and implies that all opposition to CRT is based upon racism. He implies that no one in the middle or on the left opposes CRT. He accuses opponents of CRT of using Marxism to conceal their true racist motives. He accuses “conservative white America” of opposing the teaching of real American history because they are white supremacists. Yet he offers no evidence to support any of these claims.

For the record, liberals like Dr. John McWhorter, Dr. James Lindsay, Dr. Jordan Peterson and comedian Bill Maher all oppose CRT.

Koehler says CRT is merely “an academic concept that almost no one had ever heard of.” He then quotes what the conservative Center for Renewing America says about CRT, without rebutting anything they say. (What they say must be false because it comes from a conservative source.) Yet he says nothing about what CRT is, where it comes from, how it works or what it does.

Is this kind of name-calling the way to begin a civil discussion about race? It’s what former President Barack Obama and others call “virtue signaling.”

Many people seem to think CRT is merely the academic use of rational and scientific methodology to critically examine institutions, laws, regulations, programs, policies, procedures, practices and power dynamics to identify racial bias — separate from any political agenda or ideology.

Why don’t we take what many people already believe CRT is and name it “reformed critical race theory.” This reformed CRT would be consistent with classical liberalism, Judeo-Christian values, the moral foundations of the civil rights movement, the legacies of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lewis, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. No reasonable person could be opposed to it.

Charles Reed, Waco

Save the babies

Regarding Cheryl Foster’s letter to the editor of Oct. 28, I walk around Planned Parenthood all the time and I have not seen anyone talking to children. We only talk to adults. We hand out flyers to those that will take them. We never tell lies. We are not aggressive and threatening. We want to save the babies, as they are created by God, and he directs us to pray to save the babies. They are a gift from God.

We are kind people from all walks of life, and we just want to stop Planned Parenthood from taking the babies from their mothers. Or at the very least carry them to full term and give them up for adoption so that those of us that cannot have our own can raise their babies to be God-fearing people. So, why did you let this letter even be published? Abortion is not a form of birth control, it is murder.

Susan Stewart, Waco

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