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LETTERS: Looking for FDR's leadership, Waco's good cops and questioning conservative credentials

LETTERS: Looking for FDR's leadership, Waco's good cops and questioning conservative credentials

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No conservative

I read longtime conservative Mark Long’s letter to Sen. John Cornyn and have a few observations. I seriously question his “conservative Republican principles” and will explain why he is actually just another “Never Trumper” in disguise. Mr. Long opposed the tea party, which was born out of the tyranny of the Obama regime. This is hardly a conservative position. As far as what he has “witnessed” in the intelligence community, it pales in comparison to what the FBI and CIA have done to Trump.

His comments on the Mueller Report, Justice Department, Postal Service, pandemic, etc. underline my point. To have concerns about the politicization of the current Justice Department after Obama’s Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch are laughable as is his concern for the executive powers Trump has used, which were perfected by Obama. Also, his Monday morning quarterbacking of the Iraq war, which he admittedly did not oppose, in hindsight was very fortuitous.

I am not an academic elite or have the Texas and military lineage that Mr. Long has, but I assure you I have as much love for this country, its history and what it stands for as he has. He is also certainly not the only person with a grandchild who is concerned about his/her future. I’m terrified for my nine grandchildren and what a Biden presidency would mean for this country, given we don’t know who the actual president will be, but I do know enough about the socialists controlling him.

Gary Johnson, Waco

Pants on fire

In his fireside chats during the years 1933 to 1944, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke to Americans who were in despair of uncertain times. He spoke with self-confidence and with truth regarding the Great Depression, the banking crisis, the New Deal and World War II. He never lied to Americans and he spoke with the respect due them. President Roosevelt understood that Americans, given facts and explanations of sound public policy, do not panic.

Imagine FDR telling Americans, “The current economic troubles are just a bump in the road, and prosperity is just around the corner; don’t worry!” Or imagine that he would advise Americans, “Hitler is really a good guy; he intends the best for the world; don’t worry about him!”

What has changed since FDR that Americans now must be lied to by their president so we don’t “panic”? Do we really deserve to be lied to about a virus that we plainly saw as devastating in other countries? A real president would bring us facts about this virus free of political spin and have confidence in U.S. citizens to act accordingly. We don’t need lies. We need a new president.

William Richter, Waco

A good policeman

I just wanted to let Waco know it has a good policeman on the streets.

This particular policeman was driving down our street and saw a lawnmower sitting in the yard. He looked around and saw a man sitting in the neighboring yard. He called an ambulance; stayed there till we knew the man was all right. Before he left, he started the mower and finished the yard. Not just a policeman, but a good one.

Doris Kroll, Waco

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