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LETTERS: Maybe the Trib needs to bring back COVID-19 ribbon

LETTERS: Maybe the Trib needs to bring back COVID-19 ribbon

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Losing control

I was happy a few months ago when the Trib stopped running the ribbon on COVID-19 stats in McLennan County, Texas and the U.S. We had finally turned the corner on a deadly pandemic. But maybe it needs to start running again. McLennan County had 104 new cases reported Tuesday with 51 people hospitalized with serious COVID-19 infections. We had the disease dwindling here and across the nation — it was going away. But the reluctance of certain people to get the vaccine has let it get another foothold, and it’s surging again.

We have enough vaccines for every person in our country — many nations are struggling to get just a few doses for their people. Only around 41% of people in McLennan County are fully vaccinated, a little over 50% in Texas and just under 70% across the nation. Whether it’s misinformation, a political view or just plain ignorance, these people are the reason that we may be back where we were one year ago.

The new variant is incredibly contagious and can even infect the fully vaccinated, but they are not the ones dying. Over 90% of hospitalizations are with people who have not been vaccinated. Breakthrough infections with vaccinated people are usually very mild.

We had this disease under control and now it’s coming back — please get vaccinated so we don’t have to start shutting down businesses, schools and everything else.

Don Blount, Waco

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Not too long ago someone said that the COVID-19 virus was like the flu and, like the flu, it would disappear in the summer — like a miracle, it would go away. That person was clearly and disastrously wrong. Unfortunately, too many people chose to listen to that uniformed, scientifically ignorant person.

So here we are in the summer and the number of people infected with the COVID-19 delta variant is going up and the numbers threaten to be as bad or worse than the infections in the previous twelve months. A major concern is that those unvaccinated, science-denying vulnerable people will become incubators for a new strain of the virus which could attack even people who have been vaccinated. We can lay all the blame for the spread directly at the feet of the anti-science anti-vaxxers.

Benjamin Liles, Salado

Money talks

I don’t think the Big 12 can survive without UT and Oklahoma. Baylor needs to consider going independent like Notre Dame has been for years, especially for football. A schedule like Notre Dame uses would be bring large crowds and benefit the Waco economy with out of state money.

Gene Peterson, San Antonio

* * *

So Oklahoma and Texas plan to “jump ship” (move to the SEC). Right now, they are a big fish in a little pond — the Big 12. I predict when they move they will find themselves little fish in a very big pond, as did Texas A&M. How foolish can you get? It’s a sad commentary on life that the only thing that matters anymore is the amount of money you can rake in, as opposed to honor and integrity. Greed is a horrible first principle on which to base your life.

John Baker, Hewitt

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