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LETTERS: Methodist church split giving off stench of power, bigotry

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Cauldron of bigotry

Several weeks ago I expressed my disappointment and pain associated with the movement of disaffiliation that is occurring within our beloved United Methodist Church. I had not intended to say more but the continuing stench emanating from the cauldron of bigotry and cravings for power motivates me to say more.

One of the major themes of the perpetrators of this disaffiliation movement is that the new entity being formed will be more consistent with the positions of our founder, John Wesley. Nothing could be further from the truth. In one of his sermons, he makes the following statement:

“Schism” means lacking “tender care for each other” ... “an alienation of affection” ... “a division of the heart.” [Wesley, “On Schism” 1.7] It is evil itself. To separate ourselves from a body of living Christians, with whom we were before united, is a grievous breach of the law of love. It is the nature of love to unite us together, and the greater the love, the stricter the union ... It is only when our love grows cold, that we can think of separating from our brethren ... The pretenses of separation may be innumerable but want of love is always the real cause; otherwise, they would still hold the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. It is therefore contrary to all those commands of God, wherein brotherly love is enjoined.” [John Wesley, “On Schism,” 11.1]

For anyone who would like to hear a powerful sermon on this subject, just go to YouTube and type in the search box “Dr. John Robbins.” John is the senior pastor of the Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, a former member of our local annual conference. The title of the sermon is “Who Has the Final Word?”

D.M. Pike, Waco

No more drift

I am now a retired professor of economics and politics living in the Seattle area, where my wife grew up. However, ever since I grew up in Waco, I have kept my interest in my hometown, my home state and my country.

As long as the Republicans are under the control of Trump supporters, the choice is clear. Either we continue the successes of the Democrats over the last year or so, or we repeat the drift into disasters of the Trump era.

The Democrats have accomplished an amazing amount in the last year or so, often in a bipartisan way. This is partly because the Democrats have common goals and the willingness to bargain and compromise to achieve them.

The Republicans have had no common goals since 2008, when their slogan in Congress was “obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.” In 2020 they did not even bother to have a national platform, just referring to their 2016 one. When someone asked Mitch McConnell what their platform was for 2022, he refused to answer, just saying vote for us and see what we do.

The Democrats have plans, policies and platforms. The Republicans have nothing.

Scott Gassler, Everett, Wash.

Abbott’s buses

Twelve million dollars would go a long way for pay increases to teachers and first responders in our state.

Donna Hughlett, Waco

Immigration has long been concentrated along the California and Arizona borders. Now, that has shifted to the Texas border. Why is Texas the new crossing point and what will it mean for the upcoming elections? Experts talk about what is causing this shift. The answer is both simple and complex and the solution could take a long time.

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