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LETTERS: More vaccine woes, Loving memories and a sign of bigger issues

LETTERS: More vaccine woes, Loving memories and a sign of bigger issues

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Vaccine fairness

I’ve had a double lung transplant and am 65 and my husband has heart problems, but because we don’t live in Woodway, we can’t get a vaccine appointment. We had three internet connections opened at the time it started both days and the telephone and could not get one appointment, but I know someone in Woodway that was able to get three for family members. I think we deserve to know why the less affluent ZIP codes get fewer appointments.

Pam Eneff, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: While vaccines were not allocated by ZIP code, health district data shows residents in more affluent areas like 76712 and 76710 received by far the largest share of appointments for the first local vaccine hub. * * *

I appreciate the efforts to address the problem of available vaccine appointments disappearing so quickly and appreciate that efforts have been taken to assure that some are available to those who use a phone rather than the internet. But the system is still far from equitable.

I attempted both times last week to secure a vaccine appointment and logged in as soon as the site opened only to see the few available slots disappear by 60-90 seconds after opening (not the 5-10 minutes reported). No option for a wait list was provided, so I am mystified how 14,000 people made it on to that list in that first 90 seconds.

I consider myself very computer literate so I wonder what chance a 75-to-90-year-old who is less so and needs time to read and process each screen would ever secure a vaccine. There must be a better way to assure that those most vulnerable are vaccinated.

Michael Strauss, Crawford

Loving memories

I read with great sadness your Jan. 16 article “20 years later, Waco couple’s murders remain unsolved,” about the brutal murders of Ruby and Orville Loving. I spent my teenage years often hanging out at the Lovings’ home with their granddaughter, and remember their kind hearts and warm welcoming home, where we could always drop by for a glass of iced tea and a sandwich. They lived up to their name — Loving.

I also remember that terrible day when someone brutally murdered the sweet elderly couple. I remember the pain of the family as they grappled to understand the un-understandable. We puzzled over why someone would, or could, commit such a heinous crime. I listened to their minister, also their personal friend, struggle at the funeral to give comfort to the friends and family gathered when he himself was in pain. I encourage anyone who may know anything about that day and their murder to please contact the Waco police. It is never too late to do the right thing.

Katherine Turner-Pearson, Woodway

Bigger problems

The riots and attempted coup are indications of much bigger problems. We are a declining nation with wealth in the hands of a powerful few. Wages are stagnant as corporate elites fight for profits at the expense of workers. People are frustrated and angry. Unfortunately, a demagogue and conservative propaganda machines cause many of the angry to be misinformed and they in turn are lashing out at the wrong people such as illegal immigrants, progressives, African Americans and others who are not the cause of their problems. Things have to change. As long as wages are stagnant and many go bankrupt with one trip to the hospital, then these violent eruptions will continue.

John Vickrey, Norman, Okla.

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