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LETTERS: Of religion, race and water rates

LETTERS: Of religion, race and water rates

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Of religion & race

During my lifetime, I have seen many articles giving some man or woman’s ideas on how to solve the race problems. There have been laws passed and some unpassed, but no one has found any lasting solution. We are missing the main piece of the puzzle.

God created us all for his purposes, so it stands to reason that the answer will never be found without his input. Let us search the scripture for his answer.

Peggy Hill, West

* * *

As a white clergyman, I thought Cal Thomas’ column in the Wednesday Trib regarding former President Obama’s politicization of John Lewis’ funeral was in itself politicization of the fact that Obama spoke at the funeral and his eloquence. It made me wonder several things: Has Cal Thomas ever been to a black funeral, much less one of a beloved black civil rights leader? This was at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, one of the religious homes of the civil rights movement. Verbal feedback and clapping is nothing unusual in many African-American congregations; rather, it’s normal and typical practice. And Obama certainly did not say anything that John Lewis would have disagreed with.

But as my wife said in a conversation, the real question is: What kind of funeral would John Lewis have wanted? Our guess was that somewhere he was “amen-ing” and clapping as well.

It partly seems to me that Obama’s articulate, passionate and eloquent speaking skills simply send some people up the proverbial wall, knowing full well that the current president could not hold a candle to those abilities. And speaking about politicizing, how about our current president’s refusal to go to the U.S. Capitol to honor John Lewis as he lay in state? His stated reason, in an Axios interview this week, was that John Lewis did not come to his inauguration. If Trump had paid his respects, it would have said much more to a black (and white) community than all of his exaggerated claims of how much he has done for black people in the United States.

No, Mr. Thomas, I think your critique was in the wrong direction.

Bill Gaventa, Austin

Up to our necks

City of Waco utilities director Lisa Tyer’s proposal to increase local water rates is not well-founded. She proposes to increase the rate for those who use the most. Normally, one gets a volume discount. Waco is blessed to have a good water supply because of the foresight and taxes paid by Wacoans before us. Are we running short of water? Is something broken that needs to be fixed? How about the rates at which we sell water to other cities?

Keep Waco Beautiful tells us to water our lawns and plants for a beautiful city, but the city proposal punishes those who want an attractive lawn and garden. Surely we want Waco to be attractive to our neighbors and visitors. Green lawns in the hot summer months is an attribute to our city. We want people to come and move to our city. Nothing should discourage our citizens from watering their lawns.

City leaders should reconsider this proposal.

Ivan Icon, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks for your letter, Ivan. The Waco City Council thus far has lent its support to a new water-rate structure shifting costs toward “high consumers” in the broader interest of “equity.” Currently, customers using the least amount of water pay higher effective rate increases. “There’s a long-term benefit for the city to be careful with our water resources,” Councilman Jim Holmes added. “It’s such a precious resource. Waco in particular is so well set for the next 50-plus years with the lake here. And the infrastructure that goes around it is not cheap.” Residents can add their two cents during a Sept. 1 public hearing on the city budget, including water rates.

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