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LETTERS: Pete Sessions' explainer not flying; we're already socialists

LETTERS: Pete Sessions' explainer not flying; we're already socialists

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For Pete’s sake

I read Pete Sessions’ disingenuous rationale for his “go along to get along” challenge to states’ Electoral College votes. Sessions, who lives in District 17 only to meet minimum requirements, must believe us country rednecks are even more uninformed than he is. If the misguided and futile effort to decertify electoral votes was “not intended to alter the outcome [of the presidential election]”, then why go down that path? By his unquestioned support of Mr. Trump, Sessions once again shows that his interests include only himself, and do not include residents of District 17.

Why did we vote for this self-interested hack from Dallas to represent us in Washington?

Jay McMillen, Woodway

* * *

I would love to see that tube of lipstick that Pete Sessions used to put on that pig. His column on Jan. 21 stating that it was never his intent to stop the election of Joe Biden is both laughable and tragic. To even try to compare the 2020 “stop the steal” campaign where Biden won by over 7 million votes with the 2000 Bush v. Gore election that was within a few hundred votes in Florida is beyond the pale. Yes, procedurally the objections were the same, but the intent and coordination behind the objections was completely different. He claims that the election needs “further evaluation,” because … why? Were 60-plus court decisions not enough to evaluate the outcome for you?

I, as a politically interested person, don’t have a problem with the objection procedure. I have a problem with the 70-plus Facebook posts that Sessions made after the election telling people that the election was stolen and pushing discredited conspiracy theories delegitimizing the election. So, did you get your pardon?

Cheryl Foster, Waco

Already socialists

In his most recent hilariously entertaining letter to the Trib on Jan. 14, Don Hardcastle asks ruefully whether we “as a people, the media and our leaders ... will follow the path of those nations that have turned to socialism, whose leaders seek power, prestige, and possessions for themselves?”

Did the past four years of the Trump regime, Mitch McConnell’s relentless court-packing and obstruction, and the GOP’s enabling of an armed attempted coup d’état against the U.S. government — based on conspiracy theories, individual selfishness and “freedom” to lash out at the beautiful reality of America’s ethnic and social diversity — not demonstrate for Hardcastle that our nation, “built on the ideals of Western civilization supported by Judeo-Christian ethics ... Christian values, the Constitution and capitalism,” as Mr. Hardcastle put it, has already resulted in leaders whose only aims are power, prestige and possessions for themselves?

Furthermore — and I’ve spent years trying to explain this to American conservatives — America is already a democratic socialist nation. If we pay taxes, we are engaging in a socialist process. If we accept Social Security benefits, we are practicing socialists. If we drive on publicly maintained highways and bridges, support an active military and pay for quality public education for our children, brother, we are socialists.

Mr. Hardcastle and his fellow pontificators really should wake up and work to improve the American reality, rather than constantly bemoaning the “loss” of an American fantasy that never was.

Michael Jones, Woodway

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