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LETTERS: Pondering a trillion seconds, Baylor's missing arena parking, Central Freight payroll, and civil rights past

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Counting dollars

Article after article and talk show after talk show have been debating the trillion-dollar-plus spending package currently being discussed by our government leaders.

Let me break it down simply.

If you count to a million, in seconds, it would take only 12 days.

If you count to a billion, in seconds, it would take over 30 years.

And if you count to a trillion, in seconds, it would take you, and countless future generations, over 30,000 years.

Can you comprehend these statistics, but use dollars instead of seconds? I didn’t think so.

Ben Hagins, Woodway

Dave tribute

I agree with Brice Cherry’s suggestion about Dave Campbell’s name being put on the McLane Stadium press box. I would like to suggest an additional recognition. Change the name of Waco ISD Stadium to “Dave Campbell Memorial Stadium.” For a man who did so much for high school football in Texas, that would be another fitting tribute.

Also, how about making Lorena and China Spring co-recipients of the Jinx Tucker Award? Two great teams!

Lloyd Hall, Waco


I read the story in Sunday’s edition regarding the new basketball venue. As a loyal Baylor fan and season ticket holder, I do not understand why Baylor and the city of Waco would spend more than $100 million for a basketball venue that seats 30% fewer people than the Ferrell Center.

The article said the new venue would improve “sight lines” for the fans, but I assume that doesn’t include the 3,000 people who will not now be able to get a seat in the new place.

At $20 per ticket, that’s also $60,000 less per game in ticket revenue. Per game. Not a great plan.

Keith Branyon, Fort Worth

Short on parking

The city and Baylor have agreed to build a new facility along the river. It will seat 7,000 for concerts, if I read it right. They are providing 600 parking spaces. If everyone drives that equals 11-plus people per vehicle. If half drive that is more than four people per vehicle.

Since we don’t have public transportation, I don’t see how this will work. I know there are more parking spaces in the area but you have no guarantee that these will be available for a certain event. I think more thought needs to go into this.

Walter Smith, Hewitt

Late payroll

It’s Christmas Eve and we’ve yet to receive our paychecks, normally sent via direct deposit. I’m pretty certain the top brass at Central Freight Lines walked away with a sizeable portion of the $10 million in COVID-19 relief funds. This is shameful and downright ungodly. I’d like very much to be apart of that class action lawsuit.

R.P.M. Bowden II,

Atlanta, Georgia

Calm was better

In response to the Dec. 5 article “Dr Pepper Museum exhibit highlights civil rights struggles,” instead of being negative toward Harry Provence and other leaders and civil rights activists in working to keep things calm in this city, let us praise them for stopping turmoil and blood being shed, as happened in other cities.

Yes, things were wrong and had to be corrected, and with both sides working together this was achieved. Let us be grateful to them all. Yes, this is the past. Let us move forward together.

Charlotte M. Saladino, Waco

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