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LETTERS: Questioning ballot signatures, crumbling American polity
LETTERS Questioning ballot signatures, crumbling American polityLETTERS: Questioning ballot signatures, crumbling American polity

LETTERS: Questioning ballot signatures, crumbling American polity

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Two-sided coin

Some of our nation’s problems are due to the lack of adherence by many of our leaders to the ideals which formed our Constitution. This nation has never been perfect, never will be. But the Constitution contains the elements needed to allow us to continually build a more perfect union. Many today want to tear down the Constitution and make the government the ruling institution using current and evolving political correctness as the norm.

Prayer and Bible reading have been removed from public schools and now there’s a push to restrict worship of God to our homes. The pandemic is being used to shut down houses of worship. The biblical Judeo-Christian ethic is being replaced as the nation’s ethical standard. Terms like progressive and cultural relativism are used to establish new norms. Progressives argue the science of biology does not determine one’s sex, it is the individual’s choice. And abortion is a woman’s choice, even though it ends the life of an embryo that has its own DNA.

The nuclear family composed of husband, wife and children is being redefined as whatever individuals want it to be. Freedom of expression is being squashed. Protest which includes shooting, looting and burning are acceptable.

A writer 2,000 years ago stated it well: “For where there is envy and selfish ambition, there is disorder and every evil practice.” (James 3:16)

Don Hardcastle, Waco

* * *

May 4, 1970, is one of the darkest days of American history. Back then, as now, we had protesters in the streets demanding political reform and racial justice. Back then, as now, we had a corrupt president seeking to use the military to quell these protests, First Amendment rights be damned. And so he did.

If the present unrest and protests accelerate the way it looks to me in this historical minute, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another Kent State incident.

God, please let me be wrong.

Stephen Davies, Waco

Amazed voter

I read the editor’s note to my letter about mail-in voting and find it simply amazing that we have so many people working in the voting system that can match signatures on file with the envelopes of ballots. I truly find this hard to believe. Plus I know that each time I sign my name, there’s always something different. I wonder: Are these people signature experts? It seems that with everything starting to open up, why would there be a problem voting in person since we have to wear a mask at all times and keep six feet apart? We have free rides to the polls so that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. I’m just curious because we have to have both a picture ID plus our voter registration to vote at the polls. Why can’t we just sign our names!

After all, what is good for one person should be good for me as well to be able to just sign my name.

Sharon Bates, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Talk to your state legislator. We refer you to state election laws as well as the 2020 Early Voting Ballot Board & Signature Verification Committee Handbook for Election Judges and Clerks.

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