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LETTERS: Reader says column comes up empty

LETTERS: Reader says column comes up empty

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Empty Cupp

Never have I read a column so one-sided, misleading and full of distortion as S.E. Cupp’s column entitled “How Biden got it so wrong” [Sept. 3]. She begins by calling it an “epic miscalculation.” Well if it was, then it was the Trump administration that miscalculated, not Biden. She goes on to state, “And yes, there’s a reason Obama — and Trump — couldn’t just quit Afghanistan.” But that’s exactly what Trump did. He negotiated a deal with the Taliban that involved releasing 5,000 Taliban prisoners including their leader, Abdul Ghani Baradar, who may become Afghanistan’s next president. Then he announced that our longest war was over and all American forces would leave Afghanistan by May 1, 2021. There was no plan in place for the orderly evacuation of American civilians and our allies. That’s what Biden inherited on Jan. 20.

It should have come as no surprise that the current Afghan government would quickly collapse and the Taliban would take over. We were never going to install a pro-western democratic government in Afghanistan with any chance of surviving after we were gone. We fought and bled for 20 years chasing a fantasy. No one expected the Afghan army to collapse as quickly as it did, certainly not the military or the CIA. Previous administrations spent huge amounts of money training and equipping them. Again, none of this was Biden’s doing.

Biden got no help at all from the Trump administration during the transition period to plan for an orderly withdrawal. When Biden came into office this is the reality he was faced with. He had two choices: He could scrap the deal that Trump had negotiated with the Taliban and continue the war, possibly for many more years, or he could honor our agreement but move the withdrawal date to Aug. 31 to allow for more time, which is what he did.

Trump and the GOP were hoping for a disaster that they could pin on Biden. It didn’t happen. Nowhere in Cupp’s column does she mention that over 123,000 Americans and our allies were successfully evacuated in just a couple of weeks. Nowhere does she mention that only 100-200 Americans remain in Afghanistan, most of whom have reasons to remain such as dual citizenship, the desire of longtime residents to remain with their Afghan families or work with international humanitarian efforts, and to supply essential skills that the Afghan government desperately needs and is willing to support. Nowhere does she mention that the few casualties that did occur were at the hands of ISIS-K and not the Taliban.

So I thank you, President Biden, for an extraordinarily successful effort in the face of highly partisan criticism. Once again, a job well done.

Richard Turner, Woodway

Same rights?

I see women marching about abortion and their rights to do what they want with their bodies. I think most people agree that they do.

Something changes when they become pregnant and have another life within their body. Just like they have no right to be told what to do with their bodies, don’t they think they should give the new body the same rights?

Jerry Willett, Lorena

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