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LETTERS: Readers continue to sound off on Capitol riot

LETTERS: Readers continue to sound off on Capitol riot

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It has been a week since the tragic events in Washington, D.C. Processing these events for all of us takes more than time and patience. Last week an article appeared titled “Damage left after riots is just ‘appalling.’” Not sure how anyone could argue with that, however a quote from the article is beyond disturbing. A young lady who participated in the attack on the Capitol is quoted as follows: “I don’t see what happened as any kind of desecration. I thought it was all kind of entertaining.”

Dear God, how as a country have we come to this?

Michael Donahue, Waco

Peaceful no more

What a heartbreaking scene of Americans attacking our own nation’s Capitol. I don’t think the coup attempt is over yet. Unless President Trump is removed from power before inauguration day on Jan. 20, he is still technically in charge of our armed forces. I think it would be dangerous for President-elect Biden and a host of our current and incoming leaders to gather in D.C. for a transfer of presidential power unless President Trump no longer has authority over the military.

Instead of conducting a public inauguration, I hope our president-elect and his team shelter in a secure location until after the oath is administered and until after the complete transfer of presidential authority to Biden. After last week’s violence on our Capitol building and against its security personnel, this is no longer a peaceful transition of power.

For those opposed to invoking the 25th Amendment or impeachment because so few days are left, it is critical that one or both mechanisms be engaged. This would allow high-level military officials to disregard directives that endanger President-elect Biden, our democracy, or directives that would engage America in international conflicts for years to come.

Ottis Foster, McGregor

Move on

The presidency of Donald Trump is history. We the people need to get over it and move on. The new administration needs to be giving us their plans, not dwell on the past.

The challenge for this nation is how to proceed. Our nation was built on the ideals of Western civilization supported by Judeo-Christian ethics and included Christian values, the Constitution and capitalism. Will we as a people, the media and our leaders continue on this historic path, or follow the path of those nations that have turned to socialism, whose leaders seek power, prestige and possessions for themselves?

Those who continually attack others and dwell on the past appear to have nothing to offer for the future, and are not leaders but agitators. Move on!

Don Hardcastle, Waco

Miracle of snow

I am a Boy Scout from Troop 308. I just wanted to express my feelings on the recent snowfall in Waco. First, let’s take a trip to the past and look at the largest snowfall that Waco ever received. In 1924, the city received 13 inches, which is still the record to this day. In 1982, 6 inches of snow fell, and in 2010 about 3.1 inches.

On Jan. 10, 4.4 inches of snow was recorded. I just thought it was a fantastic miracle that so much snow fell during this horrible time for our world and country. It goes to show that even the things we thought would never happen can still become a reality.

Tyler Boone, Waco

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