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LETTERS: Readers decry voter suppression tactics, and telemarketers

LETTERS: Readers decry voter suppression tactics, and telemarketers

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Vote suppression

Why are the Republicans in Texas creating a harsher and unwelcoming legal culture for voting by people of color? Have they not done enough to prevent us from voting in Texas? Why are they against democracy for us? We work hard, our kids serve in the military services or in social and health services for the good of the country. Do the Republicans consider us non-citizens? Is hate or fear behind this racism? Either way as we become the majority population in Texas, we will have learned from our teachers how to suppress the votes of Euro Republicans — is that what you want?

According to CNN, “The bills are part of a larger push across Republican-controlled statehouses — including Georgia and Arizona — to implement new laws to suppress votes ...”

Robert Aguilar, Waco

* * *

It’s no surprise that the Texas GQP (Great QAnon Party) is hellbent on resurrecting Jim Crow while disguising him as “election integrity.” A serious political party that just got thumped in national elections might be inclined to actually revise its policies to attract more voters, but not the GQP! That’s understandable since they have no policies other than tax cuts for millionaires and “owning the libs,” so why not do everything possible to limit those American citizens who might vote for the “wrong” party? We need to realize the GQP isn’t just against the democratic process, they are against democracy itself since it’s impossible for them to win an election based on issues and without radical voter suppression tactics.

Oh, and when did this “election integrity” become such a priority? Right after these same seditionists spent months spreading the lies that our former Glorious Leader was cheated out of his rightful place as Emperor of America!

William Howard, McGregor

Stop the calls

Yesterday started as all too many days start: with ringing telephones, landline and cell. In the midst of the pandemic, combined with other important issues, the incessant and unceasing wave of robocalls selling car warranties, Medicare plans and solicitations from charities unknown seem to go on and on morning until night, unchecked, unfettered and unregulated.

Enough is enough. Congress, succeeding administrations, and all of the major telephone companies have abdicated responsibility and refuse to act to defend Americans from this torrent of electronic abuse. Those displaying legitimate telephone numbers and actual companies are rare.

We should expect more defense against enemies, foreign and domestic, including profit-hungry phone companies. Where are our Congressional members, senators, the FCC, the FTC, the West Wing and Oval Office? They shirk their public duties, leaving these swarmy home-wrecking rascals free to trouble us with the daily barrage of unwanted calls. Do our leaders have no more conscience than the phone companies who profit? Are there lobbyists (and contributions) from the sponsors and companies who use this grubby sales approach? Perhaps we should spend some of our tax dollars to vaccinate us against this awful plague.

Tom M. Oliver, Waco

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