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LETTERS: Readers sound off on COVID-19, UT skipping out and Planned Parenthood

LETTERS: Readers sound off on COVID-19, UT skipping out and Planned Parenthood

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COVID-19 savior

Hallelujah! Amid the daily stresses of whether or not to send our loved ones out into public masked or au naturel, as scientists and doctors work around-the-clock to try to curb the frightening spike in COVID-19 cases, alas, a savior has appeared in the form of Hewitt resident Ivan Pruett. We owe a debt of gratitude to Pruett for his Aug. 15 letter in which he identifies the real reason for the spread of deadly virus: “the stupid border policies [of] the Biden administration ... sending all these COVID-positive illegals all over the U.S.” And wouldn’t you know, Pruett has solid historical precedent from which to make this assertion.

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, fear of disease was used by the U.S. to refuse entry to peoples from a slew of countries — Irish, Italians, Jews, essentially anyone who was not of Anglo-Saxon heritage. One of the most egregious examples occurred in the mid-19th century when immigrants from China were blamed for the spread of smallpox, syphilis and the bubonic plague. Yet one does not have to travel terribly far back in time to recall the bigoted references of one-term President Donald Trump to the “Chinese virus” and the “kung flu”.

So thank you, Mr. Pruett, for solving our COVID-19 concerns, even if, in doing so, you had to play the race card. At least you’re consistent with our nation’s history.

David E. Skelton, Woodway

UT should pay

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, there will be a giant sucking sound for many years when UT leaves Texas, leaving millions of taxpayers in our great state to pay for its decision.

Who else will pay for this extra cost? You and I, the taxpayers of Texas, are expected to pay, period.

Instead of driving 100-plus miles to play ball in Texas, UT will travel east, first class by plane with all the trimmings. Who do you think UT expects to pay for all the extra costs? UT big spenders should pay for every red penny of this huge expense.

The college sports earthquake that will hit Texas is even bigger than the $1.3 billion that was predicted by my friend Ray Perryman, our respected Baylor-educated economist. His economic forecast included just three big colleges and towns impacted by Texas’ decision. When you add the multiplier effect of $1.3 billion per year for 10 years, plus all the other costs, it is $13 billion. It could even be as high as $20 billion-plus to cover all our costs.

It is a lot of chump change for a private party. They may need to find lots of oil or gold or donors on the UT campus.

Texas taxpayers should never pay one red cent for this pie in the sky plan. UT, get your big checkbook out and pay for your own party in the east.

Bill Johnson, Waco

Spend an hour

Oh my goodness! Disturbed. Hated. Under siege. Terrified. These are the feelings experienced by Cheryl Foster as she attended a Congressman Pete Sessions town hall meeting in Mexia.

I suggest that Foster take an hour to spend inside or near Planned Parenthood on State Highway 6 on one of its next abortion days, Sept. 1-3 and 15-17.

When you are there, please reflect on these adjectives and the plight of helpless preborn babies as they face death from a “physician’s” tools and chemicals.

John Pisciotta, Waco

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