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LETTERS: Readers sound off on power outages from winter storm

LETTERS: Readers sound off on power outages from winter storm

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We were warned

The public has been warned for over 10 years about global warming (colder winter and hotter summer). Plenty of time to upgrade our Texas grid. Electricity was out for many hours several times a day for thousands here in Waco. We shivered in the dark and cold. It is my understanding several died.

Given the warnings, why was the grid not upgraded? When will it be? This winter was predictable given the science we were all told about. If our representatives do not hear from us en masse, it will happen again. They are not going to spend the money to expand grid capacity unless we, the people, press them to do so.

Betty Wright, Waco

Remember Axtell

We at Axtell have not had power or water since Sunday. I’m writing on Wednesday. We would kill even for a rolling blackout! They say to conserve energy. I was driving by McLane Stadium last night and every light was on. That would probably power Axtell for three days.

Don’t forget us out here. We’re surviving, but just barely.

Randy Wright, Axtell

Winter of ’21

Cold weather was predicted

For those mid-February days

In the winter of ’21.

It came from the north

Those bone-chilling winds

For days, we never saw the sun.

All of Texas was affected.

Seems no relief was coming.

There was just nothing that one could do

But bundle up and prepare

By a nice, cozy fire,

And maybe coffee for me and you.

This freeze made you think

That you’re not in control.

Why, did you believe you were?

Just open the Good Book

To Proverbs 3:5-6.

In these verses, do you concur?

Ben Hagins, Woodway

Failed leadership

Referring to the man-made electrical power and water disaster that cruelly tyrannizes the people of Texas from the Red River to the Rio Grande, former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke said:

“The energy capital of North America cannot provide enough energy to warm and power people’s homes. We are nearing a failed state in Texas. And it has nothing to do with God or natural disasters. It has everything to do with those in positions of public trust who have failed us.”

This is a classic illustration of Aesop’s fable about the dog in the manger. Ever since Ronald Reagan, it has been Republican ideology to prevent government from helping people. With the current disaster in Texas, combined with Donald Trump’s sabotage of the COVID-19 pandemic response, the Republican ideology has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.

Ted Cruz demonstrated the appropriate Republican ideological response to a disaster like this: catch a flight to Cancun, Mexico and hang out with your family and friends at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel until it all blows over.

Here’s the lesson each of us should take away from this disaster: This is what happens when you put people in charge of government who don’t believe in government. That makes as much sense as it does for a church congregation to hire a minister who doesn’t believe in God.

Charles Reed, Waco

Uplifting message

“We’re likely to die sooner than anytime since WWII, data shows” — I really appreciate our own local newspaper, right here in Waco, in the midst of a global pandemic and a polar vortex, publishing this article online.

I appreciate them creating the positive and uplifting message that we all need in these trying times.

David Lacy, Waco

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