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LETTERS: Readers sound off on slavery, the AR-15 and weekend golf

LETTERS: Readers sound off on slavery, the AR-15 and weekend golf

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Saved into slavery

I am glad the study to identify and document the history of Judge Baylor, Dr. Burleson and other founders of Baylor University is complete. Now all the students, professors and employees who find the history horrifying and disgraceful can depart for other universities whose history is more to their liking.

As a result of this study, many want to remove statues and names on buildings, streets and memorials. My studies of the last 50 years, including some at Baylor, reveal this is what the communists of the Soviet Union did as they attempted to erase and rewrite history. They failed and the Soviet Union failed. Therefore, this is not a path we should follow.

Now that we have completed the scrutiny of the founders of Baylor and the slaveholders of the American Revolution, let us hasten to examine the background and practices of the tribal chiefs in Africa, where the slaves originated. Tribal wars, slavery, murder, rape and human sacrifice were common in many of those primitive cultures. Where did the white slave traders get the slaves who were brought to America? They bought them from other Black slave traders who captured them in combat. Is it possible that some of the slaves brought to America were rescued from a worse fate?

Certainly, slavery in any form is horrible, but maybe some of the individuals who are upset about Baylor’s past should focus on the fact that slavery is still practiced today in some regions of Africa and southwest Asia through human trafficking. So, after 48 years of traveling the globe and seeing other cultures, I plan to stay right here in beautiful Waco, and honor the great contributions of Judge Baylor and Dr. Burleson to leadership, education and religion.

Markham B. Dossett, Waco

Relax, victims

Another mass shooting and another paranoia-driven push to ban weapons that account for fewer deaths each year than victims killed with nothing more than bare hands (Letters, Sunday’s Trib). That is a fact in each year’s FBI Uniform Crime Reporting. Mass shootings — shootings involving what are mislabeled as “assault weapons” — also happen less each year than deaths from bare hands. Yet the paranoia and the hysteria creep out as such events are reported for weeks like they are going to destroy the country.

There is nothing common sense, logical or reasonable to ban simple firearms owned by tens of millions of citizens because of the actions of the few, random and rare criminals — and no, the AR-15-style weapon is not a weapon of war and never has been or used in war.

So relax, Chicken Littles, because the sky is not falling, and there is no intelligent reason on Earth to run around like you are imminently doomed.

Wendy Myers, China Spring

Delaware again?

It is painfully hard to believe that Joe and Jill have spent numerous weekends in Delaware. Is that reasonable?

I’d like to sympathize with little Eric (Trump) about that. It would be much better to have continued to spend an average of $2.9 million per month of taxpayer money for daddy’s golf excursions.

Louis Felan, Meridian

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