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LETTERS: Readers sound off on the Hippodrome, Whitaker and Veterans Day

LETTERS: Readers sound off on the Hippodrome, Whitaker and Veterans Day

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Support artists

We owe Shane, Cody and Casey Turner profound gratitude for their grit and vision in breathing new life into the beloved Waco Hippodrome Theatre — and now for keeping it viable in the toughest of times. The performing arts sector across the world has been devastated by the pandemic. Locally, arts organizations, venues and performers have done an incredible job of adapting their business models to cope.

The Hippodrome is restructuring and making changes, but it is really important for all of us to understand that it is not closing, because our response right now matters for its future viability.

In times like these, the arts are a proven catalyst for much-needed hope, connectivity, and economic growth. Now is our time as a community to rise up and support artists, creators, small businesses — all those gems we want to see survive and thrive.

How can we be change agents for hope? Check out the Hippodrome’s calendar and support its ongoing program of live events. Commission an artist or musician to create something special for your loved ones this holiday season. Seize the opportunity to produce an event of your own. Launch your restaurant concept in the Raleigh or Hightop space. Be part of investing in the future you want to see in our community. We have the power to support local creativity and entrepreneurship and to invest in the things that make us all thrive.

Fiona Bond, Waco

Thanks, Bill

Bill Whitaker will be greatly missed as he rides off into retirement. I hope he’ll continue to engage in the public square, helping us all to think better about today’s issues. His recent articles of Nov. 8 (“Playing tragic roles in Trumpian finale”), Nov. 4 (“Key fixes vital to safeguard our constitutional republic”), and October 18 (“Volatile mix of politics, religion increasingly toxic for both”), are impressive capstones to his time at the Trib. His concluding remarks in his Nov. 8 column ring true and ominous — that Trump might have lost the election due to his handling of the pandemic rather than the long list of his misdeeds “highlights a corrupting sickness in our society and politics that will likely outlive (COVID).”

A Nov. 7 article in the Trib notes that eight of 10 evangelical voters voted for Trump. To date, I can’t fathom their acceptance of the behaviors Whitaker listed that, when I was growing up in the 1970s and ’80s, wouldn’t have allowed him past first base in politics in then-“Christian” America.

Anyway, thanks, Bill, for your insightful articles and your career of reflecting the best qualities of the “fourth estate” in our system of government.

Ottis Foster, McGregor

Honoring veterans

Thank you for the wonderful tribute you gave to all veterans in the Veterans Day edition of the Tribune-Herald, Nov. 11. The photos and comments by the veterans were inspiring and uplifting during this challenging time in our history.

I especially appreciated the pictures and explanations of the military honors and medals. All of the military and veteran information was so meaningful to me as I am a wife of a disabled Navy veteran. Thank you again and may God bless all veterans and may God bless America.

Rita Spinn, Temple

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