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LETTERS: Readers sound off on vaccines, kudos for city of Waco and broadband access

LETTERS: Readers sound off on vaccines, kudos for city of Waco and broadband access

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The plan?

Gov. Abbott, we need your leadership in dispensing COVID-19 vaccines in Texas.

Under President Trump the states had no idea when the vaccine would be shipped and how much they would get. President Biden predicts a three-week distribution forecast. States will be able to plan for first and second doses by counties. Hospitals will get vaccine projections three weeks in advance. Also, by using the Defense Production Act, the administration can increase the production of vaccines.

There is much confusion in McLennan County about where to get a shot, when to get a shot and if vaccines are even available now. My doctor has asked several times for vaccine and has not received it. On Feb. 3, we heard a plan to provide a vaccination opportunity at McLane Stadium. On Feb. 4, a plan was announced to provide vaccinations at CVS pharmacies — no indication if that will include CVS in Waco.

There is overwhelming confusion that you can correct if you will announce a statewide plan. I am hopeful that you and your staff are crafting a plan for the good of Texas.

Sharon Chandler, Hewitt

Editor’s note: A front-page story in the Feb. 3 Trib was headlined “Waco part of vaccine rollout to CVS stores,” while the move of the public vaccination hub to McLane Stadium plan was reported in the Feb. 2 edition.

Vaccine approval

As two of many that received the COVID-19 vaccine on Feb. 4, my wife and I would like to commend all those involved. The personnel from beginning to end were knowledgeable, professional, patient and extremely courteous. They showed everyone that is the way to get it done efficiently and expediently. Congratulations to you all.

John East, Waco

City accolades

I know I have expressed my fair share of “negative” opinions about things going on around the city and abroad, but I wanted to take a moment to commend the city of Waco. Even during this ongoing pandemic, I was able to get assistance with multiple inquiries that I submitted at different times to different departments. I was able to get large items picked up curbside within a week by calling the appropriate city department. I expressed my concern over a lack of signage in my area that affected traffic safety and within a few months new signage was put up appropriately. I also requested bins for recycling and yard debris and was given a timeline and open communication with the respective city department until I received my bins.

The Waco Curbside Services app and e-newsletters that the city sends out have also been very insightful and informative during this time. To all of the city of Waco employees and others who have made this possible, thank you.

Jacob Mendoza, Waco

More broadband

Broadband and Wi-Fi access for Central Texans is more important now, given continuing COVID-19 challenges. La Vega High School recently sought donations to increase their students’ access to the web. President Obama started giving schools greater access. Our own Texas legislative member, Doc Anderson, has long advocated better broadband access. Surely this is one area in which our Republican governor and legislature can work with President Biden for the public good.

Gayle Avant, Woodway

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