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LETTERS: Readers support Waco ISD for mask mandate

LETTERS: Readers support Waco ISD for mask mandate

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When it matters

When the Waco ISD superintendent and school board instituted a mask mandate during the second week of school, they decided to protect our children, faculty, staff and administrators. Implementing the mask mandate was the right step to take, period.

Since the implementation of the mask mandate during the second week of school, the district’s positivity rates have decreased significantly. As we note the tragic death of the third Connally ISD employee from COVID-19, the mask mandate stands as a life-saving strategy until we can get more people vaccinated.

Now Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sued Waco ISD for protecting our schools and, by extension, the entire community from the spread of the highly contagious and deadly delta variant of COVID-19.

The attorney general’s lawsuit makes a mockery of the Texas Disaster Act of 1975 which gives the governor the authority over the state’s emergency response and is designed to “mitigate the damage, injury, and loss of life and property” from a disaster.

That the governor and the attorney general would stand in the way of such a simple, straightforward strategy for slowing the contagion that is filling our hospitals to capacity, keeping our ICU beds full, and pushing our health care providers to the breaking point is unconscionable.

I will leave it to the voters to decide how to handle politicians who would allow people to sicken and die rather than stand up and lead our state through this pandemic with practical, proven strategies like a mask mandate.

However, let it be known that the community stands with the Waco ISD superintendent and school board on the mask mandate. We support the superintendent and the school board choosing to protect the health and lives of the students, faculty, staff and administrators who serve this community.

My mama used to say to me: “It’s easy to do right when there is no cost. It’s when the price is high that doing right is hardest, but that’s when doing right matters most.” When this pandemic is under control, and we look back at this extraordinary period, history will say that the district did right — not when it was convenient, but when it mattered most.

The superintendent and the school board should stand on their decision to protect our children. The community stands with them.

Peaches Henry, Waco

Better days ahead

I fully support Dr. Kincannon and the entire school board in their decision to require masks for everyone who enters a Waco ISD school building.

I know the decision was not easy and despite the retaliatory lawsuit by the Texas attorney general, this was (and continues to be) the right decision for our community.

Hearing about the tragic educator deaths in nearby Connally further strengthens my support for the decision to require masks. I stand with the school board as they work to keep our children and schools safe.

Mask up, everyone, and get your vaccine. Better days are ahead.

Japheth Learn, Waco

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