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LETTERS: Readers support WFM expansion, list causes of pandemic

LETTERS: Readers support WFM expansion, list causes of pandemic

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Supporting WFM

The recent article by Carl Hoover regarding Waco Family Medicine’s needs for an expanded facility was beautifully and completely written. WFM is the new name for the former Family Practice Center and it has a 51-year outstanding history of providing cutting-edge health care to many who could not otherwise afford it, as well as running a residency program consistently ranked among the top 2% of such programs in our country which has resulted in training over 400 physicians, including more than half of the family practice physicians now in professional practice in our community.

CEO Dr. Jackson Griggs, a former chief resident of WFM who has been with WFM for over 15 years, has become much more well known during the last year as he carefully and professionally helps lead this community through the COVID-19 pandemic as well as pivots WFM priorities to test and care for patients concerned with this highly transmissible virus.

The history of WFM reveals a rich listing of well-known local physicians who have contributed their time and talents to make Waco’s residency program one of the most successful in the United States. These physicians, individually and through the McLennan County Medical Society, lend hundreds of hours of education to the residents who often become part of Waco, lending medical expertise to our community.

I join with WFM and its supporters in promoting the effort to build an expansion to the current facility in order to serve Waco’s growing population and continuing need for physicians, in addition to supporting our community with important education and direction during times of health emergencies such as we are currently experiencing.

Harry Harelik, Waco

Just rewards

Your article on preachers being silent on COVID-19 shots [Saturday’s Trib] tells of a number of ministers who either support getting the shots, not getting the shots or not mentioning them to their congregations.

Most ministers are quick to tell of how often they read the Bible. As I read this article, there was not a one of them who gave the simple answer as to how to fight the pandemic and other issues facing this country.

Second Chronicles 7:14 gives the simple answer: “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. “

God has some dandy punishments for nations who refuse to do this, including war, poverty, disease, famine, crop failure, crime, earthquakes, storms, etc. Read especially Deuteronomy 32 and Leviticus 26. Did you really think God was going continue to bless this nation while it allows things like the murder of babies, shacking up without benefit of marriage and same sex marriage, which the Bible calls an abomination?

Your newspaper sports the motto “In God We Trust” and the opinion page says “Dedicated to Truth, Honor and Integrity.” Do you really mean it?

Peggy Hill, West

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