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LETTERS: Secure ballot boxes, praise for COVID cable, fightin’ words for Democrats and Trump

LETTERS: Secure ballot boxes, praise for COVID cable, fightin’ words for Democrats and Trump

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Getting connected

When COVID-19 forced much of our lives online last spring, cable operators quickly took actions to increase broadband adoption, including expanding discounted low-income Internet programs and opening Wi-Fi hotspots to the public. Since then, cable providers have continued to work with Texas schools, education officials and others to make sure all students can get connected and have the opportunity to learn.

With so many schools in Texas now starting virtually, broadband connectivity at home — more than ever — has become a vital tool for families to access educational resources for their children. While the CARES Act has made devices available through school districts, Texas cable operators are here to help families get those devices connected to broadband. The Texas Cable Association encourages any family in need of affordable, high-speed Internet to contact their local cable operator to see what discounted options may be available.

Walt Baum, President, Texas Cable Association

Ballot boxes

There’s an alternative to in-person or mail-in balloting which is working very well in Washington State: Secure ballot boxes are installed in various places around a community. These could be at police and fire stations, for example.

Ballots placed in them are collected periodically by county officials, including the morning after Election Day, and are counted along with those mailed in. There’s still plenty of time to procure and install boxes and to notify the community of their locations. Some of these could even be drive-by like some mail boxes.

Bill Franklin, Waco

Fightin’ words

To all Democrats who own or plan to purchase a firearm, you need to change your voting habits! If you read or listen to your candidates, you know that the No. 1 priority of the Democratic Party is to disarm the American people! The No. 2 priority is to change our country from a democracy to socialism. I’m 82 years old and I am not in condition to fight off a young punk and his buddy if they decide to break into my home, but so long as I can own a firearm, then I am their equal.

J. Smith, Robinson

* * *

Trump states this election is going to be the most dishonest ever held because of mail-in ballots. He’s either right or he’s wrong.

If he’s just being Trump and lying again, we have no problem.

If he’s right, then he ought to be able to show how he knows mail-in ballots cause fraud.

If he has facts, if it’s true and he’s not calling for arrests, then he’s withholding evidence of a fraud and a conspiracy.

Now, if it’s the Republicans he means are going to steal this election — well, never mind!

John Kamenc, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Only last month, President Trump’s campaign failed to produce any evidence of vote-by-mail fraud in the swing state of Pennsylvania after a federal judge (and Trump appointee) ordered it to do so. The Trump campaign was suing to block the widespread use of official ballot drop boxes in locations other than an election office and to allow poll watchers to work in counties other than those they live in.

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